Wellesley Parents React To TB Report On School Clubs Banning White Kids In Public Schools By Filing Complaint Alleging Civil Rights Violations 


In March we broke a story about Wellesley High School instituting segregation by offering “safe spaces” for students of color to process the Atlanta spa shootings in which 6 Asian and 2 white people were murdered. White students at WHS were explicitly told that they could not attend based on the color of their skin, and the school rebranded this Jim Crow policy by calling it “affinity spaces.”

I pointed out how this violated civil rights laws, and yesterday this happened:

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A parents advocacy group filed a civil rights complaint against a Massachusetts public school district after the school allegedly segregated students by race, Parents Defending Education announced in a statement Wednesday. Parents Defending Education filed the complaint with the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, alleging that Wellesley Public Schools violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits any programs receiving federal funds from excluding any person “on the ground of race, color, or national origin.”

Last week’s complaint is part of a broader campaign they’ve pursued to take on critical race theory at the federal level. Like Chris Rufo’s legal coalition, PDE’s complaint alleges a form of racial discrimination prohibited under the 14th Amendment. PDE specifically pointed to the landmark decision Brown v. Board of Education. 

Parents who have the resources need to start doing this more – suing the schools for breaking the law. You don’t get institute Jim Crow in your schools, rename it something else, and then pretend like it’s all good. The public schools belong to the public, and it’s racist, discriminatory, and evil to create clubs that certain kids are banned from because they’re the wrong skin color. If you can’t see the long term plan here you need to open your eyes. The goal is to make white people in this country the minority, and then institute Jim Crow 2.0 in a sick and perverse Hunger Games form of revenge for historical injustices that white people today had nothing to do with. That will happen as long as nobody fights back.

This is what we do at TB Daily News – act as the catalyst for social and political change. We write about and expose problems, and our readers act on that and make the world a better, less racist place.


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