West Bridgewater Business Owner Harasses Cops For Towing His Unregistered Car, Hides Behind Pregnant Wife, Threatens Community Facebook Group Members


A local man named Mike Vaughan from West Bridgewater had his car towed by the police recently for not renewing the registration. But instead of just admitting that this was entirely his fault he elected to film and harass the West Bridgewater police while they towed his car, as they should have. He then posted it to a West Bridgewater Facebook group, wrongly assuming that he would be viewed as some sort of hero for taking on the corrupt police department.

He puts in LA Looks hair gel before boing on hikes. I already know everything I need to know about him. I’m also willing to bet that he wears sunglasses everywhere he goes, including on cloudy days and indoors.

Forgetting to renew your registration is a mistake that could happen to a normally law abiding person. But if you get pulled over they have to tow it by law. Hiding behind your six months pregnant wife as a means to get out of it rather pathetic.

Extra points for the belly rub though. That was a nice touch.

Not only did he call the police officers naught words for doing their job, he also filmed their license plates.

“Breaking news – local man now has identity of cops who did their job. Updates at 10.”

This was the best line.

“There’s people out there killing other people in the streets and you’re towing a car for a f***ing expired registration.”

Right. Because we all know that West Bridgewater is the murder capital of New England. You can’t drive for more than a couple minutes without encountering a dead body in the street. Clearly these cops are ignoring that to harass Michael Vaughan. The dispatcher actually got two calls – one for a murder, and the other for an unregistered car. They chose to pursue the latter because everyone knows murder isn’t a big deal in West Bridgewater.

All of Vaughan’s other posts on the page are advertisements for his landscaping company.

Attacking the police department for doing their job while coming across as an uneducated simpleton sure seems like a great way to drum up new business. As does sending threatening DMs to people who rightfully mocked you in the West Bridgewater Facebook group.

Last person who drove with an unregistered care got they car towed. Don’t be that guy.

The funny thing is that when you go to his Facebook page it’s filled with right wing, back the blue kind of stuff. These people always support the police until the first time the police hold them accountable for their own ratchet behavior.


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