West Brookfield Mom Previously Arrested For Endangering Her 3 Kids And Featured On Dr. Phil Lures Predators To Town, Takes On Karens, Seeks Volunteer Babysitter


Two years ago we blogged about a West Brookfield mother named Shaina Fontaine arrested on three counts of reckless endangerment of a child.

She frequently left her feral children at home alone, thought it was normal, and was featured on Dr. Phil because an online Medium named Dennis, who claimed to be God’s messenger, and convinced her to move to New York with a man she just met through Dennis. She also got in trouble with the comments for a social media prank in which she convinced people she poisoned her roommate, which led to the roommate getting a restraining on her.

A local woman who has appeared on the Dr. Phil television show is slated to be arraigned Tuesday on three counts of reckless endangerment of a child after police allegedly found her twins and their sibling, all less than 10-years-old, home alone on a snow day. Police, after consulting with elementary school personnel, began to believe that Shaina Fontaine, 32, of 20 Central St., was leaving her young children at home after she began working at a care facility in town, court documents show.

Officer Craig Charron wrote that the children catch the bus at 8 a.m. but Fontaine starts work at 6:30 a.m. and leaves the house at 6:15 a.m. He went to Fontaine’s apartment on Dec. 17, a snow day, and with a caretaker for the building and his body camera running, attempted to talk to the children, court documents show. Charron wrote that he found no adult present and one of the children pushed him, and recorded the encounter while shouting at him to “get the hell out” of her home, another threw a glove at his head and the third told him he was hungry. He noted that the apartment was in disarray.

Police, in court documents, wrote that they believe the children had sometimes been left for several hours while Fontaine was at work. The school had contacted the state Department of Children and Families, court documents show.

Fontaine was a guest on the Dr. Phil show in 2018 after her mother expressed concern that an “online medium” was running Fontaine’s life. On the show, Fontaine said she moved to New York with a man she met through her online advisor, Dennis, who also appeared on an episode and claimed to be God’s messenger. She also told Dr. Phil McGraw, a clinical psychologist, that she may have seen fairies inside her home. During the show, McGraw referenced a police report from Warren officers and it was revealed that she’d used a social media ruse to make people think she’s poisoned her roommate.

West Brookfield police said they also learned that the three children walked ¾ of a mile to a friend’s home while their mother was at work one day and, they said, the children could not contact their mother at work because her cellular telephone had to be placed in a locker during her shift. Charron wrote that Fontaine would sprinkle a line of powder near the doors and tell the children they were not to cross it. 


I had completely forgotten about this woman, as ratchets are a dime a dozen around here. But apparently she still has her kids in West Brookfield and she’s been inspired by Jay at Predator Poachers Massachusetts to start her own bootleg predator poachers operation called Mom vs. Preds. Let that sink in for a moment – a woman charged with reckless endangerment of a child believes that it is incumbent upon her to protect children in the community when she can’t properly care for her own.

Except there’s just a couple problems:

  • She doesn’t have a car
  • She doesn’t have childcare
  • She’s insane
  • People in the small town of West Brookfield don’t appreciate that she’s intentionally luring pedophiles from all over

Besides that it’s a great idea.

She’s not very good at her craft because she meets them at Cumby’s and they always drive away before she can confront them.

She also uses a real teenager as a decoy when she sends pictures to predators.


She can related to Kanye West because she’s a celebrity too, and ironically posted about how parents should monitor their kids even though she was once arrested for leaving her feral children home alone and sprinkling fairy dust on the front lawn so they don’t leave.


She said she’d stop luring predators to quiet West Brookfield because of all the people complaining.


So she needed a volunteer to pick her up and bring her to different towns to lure predators.


She must’ve found someone because the next day she said she was going to a predator’s workplace.


She claims she’s luring predators to her town for her children’s safety, so she put out an ad for a stranger to come over her house and watch her kids while she goes out and meets up with guys who are trying to lick the bungholes of children. It’s a volunteer only position though.




After she gets the sitter she just needs to find a driver to stand there and film her confronting pedophiles. She will repay you with credit and shoutouts, but not gas money.



To this day she has a grand total of 2 catches. On New Years today she caught a guy she met on Grindr named Josh Via from Brimfield. He actually used to run track for Tantasqua when I coached at Shepherd Hill, so it’s nice to see that he’s still interested in girls that age.


Because she doesn’t have a car she has to wait outside the Cumberland Farms and only has a few seconds to confront him.


The chat logs are extremely disturbing, but also confusing because she’s posing as a 13 year old girl on Grindr, a hookup app for gay men. She tells him right away that she’s 13.


He tells her that he’s a “vers top,” which I later found out meant that he can be a top or a bottom, but his preference is top. Either way he was trying to have sex with a 13 year old girl, so it would be kind of hard for him to be anything but a top.


The messages got creepier.


Things developed from there and his inner deviant came out.


He apparently thought she was trans, which for some reason was a deal killer even though he was on a gay hookup app.


He then offered to give this child the Brimfield bidet.


They arranged for him to pick her up and go to and bang at his Mom’s house before she got home from work.


I’ve seen a lot of these chat logs before, but this is the first time the child asks the grownup if their Mom is going to be home.


They made plans to meet up and the rest was history.

So yea, I’m glad a predator like this was exposed, but maybe don’t go into this line of work if you’re “famous” for crimes against children too.


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