West Warwick Mom Amanda Sawyer Came On The Live Show, Explained Why She’s A Great, Non-Crazy Mom, Got Very Upset With Bristol And I


Bristol and I were honored to have West Warwick mother Amanda Sawyer on the Live show tonight to discuss why she is driving around town with her car like this because she’s protesting the police:

She was evidently pleased with the Turtleboy blog, which is a first, and we expected the interview to be cordial. However, Bristol really got her going with her line of questioning, and Amanda hung up on us three times and probably spoke for 90% of the show. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this show was, and I would highly recommend putting aside some time today to listen to it. We interview a lot of interesting people on Turtleboy, and she’s probably in the Top 10 most entertaining of all time. She said she will come back on the show on Saturday for a followup with Bret, so long as we change the title of the original blog. Oddly enough she has no objection to being referred to as a “vaping vajatron,” but she wanted to make it clear that although she offered to pick up drunks and drive them around, she never actually picked any up.


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