West Warwick Woman Lectures Others About Drunk Driving On New Years Eve A Month After Posting Video With Drunk Driver 


Ariana Deus is a young woman from West Warwick who had a very important message for drunk drivers last night.

I totally agree Ariana, there are way too many drunk drivers on the road. I’m happy to hear that you survived your ideal of almost being driven off the highway by one of them, and I stand by your statement:

“There is absolutely no excuse to drink and drive.”

But here’s the awkward part. On Thanksgiving she posted a video of herself and her friend Rich McNeil, and they weren’t listening to her advice.


Ariana: “It’s Ari, and it’s Rich. Rich is peeing, I don’t know where he is in this sequence. Rich where are you?

Rich: “I’m over here drunk as fugly.”

Ariana: “Alright Rich is drunk as fugly.”

Rich: “Did you see the chain? Ariana told me to pop it.”

Ariana: “I told Rich to pop his chain tonight. So Rich is drunk. Rich drove us home.”

Rich: “I’m sober!! I just peed, I’m sober.”

Ariana: “Rich is full of s***. What did you just pee out all the f***ing sobriety?”

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Rich: “I peed out my love for Ariana.”

The best part about that video is how he denies being drunk, which could potentially help him if he were ever arrested, but then she immediately calls him a liar.

Confessing to a crime, uploading a video of it to social media, and then a month later lecturing other people about the dangers of the crime you were just glamorizing 30 days prior, and consequently becoming Turtleboy famous, seems like a wicked smart way to start the New Year off with a bang. If you were drunk in West Warwick and really needed a ride you could’ve just called an old friend of mine. You’d have to listen to her rant about how the cops and a 16 year old girl are conspiring to frame her family, but at least you wouldn’t up on Turtleboy.


Very naughty.


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