Westerly Teenager Who Killed 2 Innocent People Driving The Wrong Way On I-95 Is Not A Victim And Her Parents Should Answer Questions


There was a terrible but avoidable tragedy that occurred last week on I-95 in North Stonington, CT.

Three people died in a head-on crash that involved a wrong-way driver on Interstate-95 in North Stonington Wednesday night, according to state police. Troopers identified the three victims as 85-year-old Roger Noel of West Warwick, RI, 83-year-old Dorothy Noel of West Warwick, RI, and 17-year-old Abigayl Lanphear of Westerly, RI. Lanphear, according to the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles, was driving with a suspended license.

State police said they received phone calls around 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday about a driver headed in the wrong direction. Shortly after, two vehicles were involved in a head-on crash between Exit 93 and Exit 92. During their investigation, police determined Lanphear drove the wrong-way in a 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK. Lanphear was headed southbound in the northbound lanes and crashed into a 2017 Honda Accord driven by Roger Noel. A passenger in the Mercedes Benz CLK, 17-year-old Jada Laboy of Westerly, RI, suffered serious injuries. 

I was hesitant to publish a story on this because it’s such a tragedy. However, it seems like the girl who caused the crash is being treated as a victim in this, when in fact she died a killer. She was clearly a troubled child since she had a suspended license at the age of 17. And according to Westerly Sun the Abby Lanphear was a high school dropout too.

Lanphear was no longer a student in the Westerly Public Schools, having left last year to pursue a GED, according to Superintendent of Schools Mark Garceau. He learned of Lanphear’s death when Chief of Police Shawn Lacey called him at about 10 p.m. Wednesday night to inform him of the crash.

The passenger in her car who lived is a frequent runaway.

I think it’s more than fair to speculate on whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved in this crash. Going the wrong way on the highway is not something a sober person does. There are wrong way signs getting onto the highway, and the cars with lights on coming at you should’ve been an indicator as well. Clearly this girl lived life on the wild side and was self-destructing. It’s a shame that two innocent people had to die alongside of her.

Yet on the local Facebook groups it seems as if any mention of wrongdoing on her part is quickly shot down.

I somewhat feel sympathy because a teenager died. There was a slight chance she’d turn her life around and become a productive, law abiding member of society. But there was a much better chance that she’d end up becoming someone like Gina Giovangelo, who killed a woman in a crosswalk when she was 18 and has had non-stop run-ins with the law after fleeing the courthouse during her arraignment.

More importantly, I don’t understand why the parents are getting a free pass here. Whose car was it? Why was a 17 year old with a suspended license and a bad track record allowed to drive their car? If she stole it then why wasn’t it reported stolen? Why did they let her drop out of school in the first place?

By the looks of her mother’s Facebook page she treated her daughter like a friend, and has received an outpouring of sympathy since she changed her profile picture last week.

But not one person on her page has expressed any sympathy for the two people she killed. This wasn’t an accident, and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If my kids grow up to be rebellious like this they will not be afforded any sort of freedom or privileges until they’re old enough to move out of the house. That’s what a responsible parent who cares about their children does. If you can see your child is self-destructive then you protect them by not allowing them to hang out with their runaway friends and drive a Mercedes.

So yes, I think judging here is perfectly acceptable. Sure, it’s sad that a child has died, but she died a killer, and I have no sympathy for her in that regard. More importantly I’m just disgusted by the fact that the mother is being treated as a victim here when her lack of parenting played a factor in this, instead of the two innocent people who died.


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  1. I suffered permanent disabilities (lost an eye, TBI) when a wrong way driver hit me on I-93. Fifty years of misery because this asshole decided to drive shitfaced. You’re absolutely right to call the parents to account.

  2. You are so disgusting! I grew up with a rebellious sister, she and I were raised exactly the same, but she took a different path. My mom did everything to try and help her but she always lashed out. It wasn’t lack of parenting as we grew up with the same rules, my sister just didn’t care. She’s actually very successful now! I hope your children grow up to disobey you and you get called all sorts of bad things for it!

  3. After reading this article I can only assume you are a heartless piece of shit! I was a high school drop out and did it without my mothers permission and I liked to have fun and drive fast. Yet I went on to go to my GED, go to college and join the service and work with foster kids. So for you to say how someone would end means you have a way of telling the future none of have and I would love for you to share the next winning powerball numbers. My mother treated me like a friend and you act like that’s wrong. How dare you talk this way about this child, a child whose mother loved her. If you look at the facts it was a tragic accident and I fee for all those involved and for all the families who lost someone, but for you I feel pity, to go through life with such a heartless view must be awful.

  4. Julie loves to play the victim and she is a cronic DCYF caller, loves the attention she gets from it. Its to bad no one ever called DCYF on her for her shitty parenting skills. The only victims in this case are the ones in the other car no one seems to give a shit about them. Mom of year gives her daughter the keys to her car knowing she doesn’t have a license just so she can be the cool Mom. Just an FYI Julie works in child care and she is passing on her shitty parenting skills onto other people’s children.

    1. you are a fucking scumbag cunt just like whoever wrote this article . i wish we could have a conversation in real life because this typing shit ain’t for me so that’s all imma say you scumbag cunt faggot bitch

  5. Wow, if I were tb daily news id fire you, news is news not opinions and more Facebook comments. It’s sad to see a writer put opinions in-front of reporting. Car accidents are called accidents for a reason, also seeing that you’re assuming everything versus actually stating facts is discrediting tb daily news as a whole.

  6. I’m sure if this were your child that died you would not be saying any of this no matter what the circumstances were.

  7. From a member of the victims family…..the whole point here is that this incident would have NEVER happened if this CHILD was NOT given keys to a vechile while having a suspended license. For the last 2 weeks my family has spent countless hours traveling an hour and 15 mins 1 way to be by my aunts bedside who is still fighting for her life. My uncle is dealing with the loss of BOTH his parents, having to plan a double funeral, trying to spend every moment he can by my aunts beside while trying to keep it together for his family and keep a roof over there heads. My cousins lost BOTH of their grandparents and their mother is layed up in a hospital bed in critical condition. The 4th family member that was in car is trying to heal from her injuries, process this tragedy and deal with the loss of BOTH of her parents. WHAT ABOUT THEM????? No one is thinking about them. If this was one of your family members that was killed by a wrong way driver you would feel the same way……If this child was under the influence, which will come out eventually, kinda already did by her 2 friends on the live phone call with turtle boy, then SHAME on the person who gave her the keys and shame on the people who allowed her to drive while being under the influence. Alot of people are saying it was an accident, accidents happen! Fuck that! This WAS preventable so YOUR WRONG and this is what’s wrong with society these days, People do not take responsibility for their actions, we sweep things under the rug, we allow our children to get away with murder and run our lives becuase we want to be their friends and not their parent, we live in denial and enable bad behavior, we put blame of our wrong doings on other people, and we are afraid to stand up and speak up when we know someone is in the wrong. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!! this was not just an “accident” this tragedy happened due to POOR CHOICES!!!! Every person who played a part in this has that weight on their shoulders for the rest of their lives. Be part of the change, not the one making excuses and condoning bad behavior!!!!!

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