Westerly Woman Asks For Police’s Help Finding Medical Marijuana Card Days After Alleging Police Misconduct For Arrest Of Sex Offender Roommate With Warrants


A local Westerly woman who goes by AnneMarie Jenkins on Facebook is alleging police misconduct in Westerly.

Police officers pulling people over with warrants? How dare they. Don’t they realize that they’re not allowed to turn their lights off or pull people over who are traveling in the opposite direction? She did the right thing by vaguebook posting on the community Facebook group though. That will definitely help fix the problem.

I was going to compliment AnneMarie on her ability to use capital letters and separate thoughts with periods. Often when you see complaints like this they’re in sentagraph form. But then she had to go and do this.

Oh AnneMarie, you missed more periods than the entire city of Woonsocket. I had so much hope for you.

Bold, brave, and beautiful.

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A quick review of the arrest reports from that night in Westerly reveal that the only man arrested for warrants was a Michael Tardie.

A cursory review on him shows that his hobbies include diddling both boys and girlsforgetting to register as a sex offender, violating no contact orders, driving unregistered cars with a suspended license, and a grand total of 13 warrants and 31 cases against him which can all be found on the Rhode Island Judiciary portal.

Troopers arrest man for failing to register as sex offender. At 1:30 p.m. May 10, troopers arrested Michael Tardie, 34 of 3 Birchview Drive, Cranston, Rhode Island for 1.) Active Affidavit Arrest warrant on the original charge of Failure to Register as a Sex offender originating from the Cranston Police Department and 2.) Active Affidavit Arrest warrant on the original charge of Violation of No Contact Order originating from the Westerly Police Department.

I’m beginning to think that this man might not be as innocent as AnneMarie would have us believe.

AnneMarie evidently has a type, since the boyfriend and father of her children is currently incarcerated because he is also a sex offender who occasionally forgets to register as one.


But its the cop’s fault for pulling over her other sex offender friend.

The police aren’t the only local establishment she has had issues with though. Two years ago she turned her ire on a McDonald’s because they’d hired a woman who allegedly gave her scabies during a threesome with whichever sex offender she was procreating with that week.

Can’t Jemima is the responsible person here because she took the medicine that they gave her at the free clinic. A quick Google of Alecia Beaulieu sadly reveals that she passed away a few months after this review, so she might be on to something. On the bright side, AnneMarie can go back to eating at McDonald’s three times a day now that this woman is no longer employed there.

Finally there was a twist later in the week when she followed up her anti-police rant with this post in the same group.

Proving once again that the people who rail against the cops are often the first ones to call them when they need them. And in this case, she really needs that medical marijuana card back, because they’ve become the new service dogs – every degenerate is abusing the system to get their hands on one. But at least you can keep the $4 inside, so long as she can keep buying pot legally without traveling to Massachusetts.


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