Westerly Woman Previously Featured On TB Is Dating A Con-Man Who Just Got Out Of Federal Prison And Is Upset With Our Coverage Of Mother Who Crashed While High With Baby In Backseat 


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Last week we published two blogs about a Westerly mother who raised $5,500 with a GoFundMe after getting high and crashing into a tree with her baby in the backseat. It was one of over a dozen arrests she’s had in over half a dozen Rhode Island towns and cities. She responded by sharing a screenshot from a Wordpress blog published by a child abusing transgender man named Ashley St Angelo who was recently arrested by East Providence Police for violating the restraining order we have against him.

And according to her I’m a homosexual who watches kiddie porn. She stated this several times, without corroborating evidence.

Clearly she has learned absolutely nothing and we likely have not seen the last of her.

However, another person who was supporting her on our IG page went by “Ericha’s Genuine Jewelry.”

Her real name is Ericha Hauser, and she had some more to say about Turtleboy on the Facebook machine in the form of this nonsensical ratchet sentagraph.

OK then.

If the name Ericha with a CH Hauser rings a bell it might be because she’s known around here as the “Westerly Wench Trench, and was featured on a TB blog in February 2018 after she and her heroin dealing chinstrapped deadbeat dad boyfriend Justin Varas weren’t allowed to buy a dog off their backyard breeder friend because the seller became aware that he was going to jail for selling heroin.

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She’s back, and is trashier than ever.



Fast forward three years and she’s no longer with Justin Varas, the guy who created a GoFundMe in his daughter’s name for cheerleading, wrote it in her voice pretending to be her, and then messaged me a staged video of her lying about creating the GFM herself on his once a month visitation day so that he could fund his heroin habit.

She’s moved onto this guy instead:


That’s Gerry Kent, a man in his mid 50’s who is basically Rhode Island’s version of Feta Cheese Freddie.

As you can see, he looks like every minor character on the Sopranos who didn’t know his place and had way too many opinions about Christopher and the way things operated and ended up getting whacked.

According to Gerry he is always pictured with hot young side pieces because he’s a “legend.”

You may be asking yourself, how did this guy acquire enough wealth to get all these women to sleep with him and/or pose for pictures to make it look like he was? Well, turns out he defrauded some people out of millions of dollars by pretending to be a legitimate jeweler.

He was sentenced to four years in federal prison for this in 2018, but is out now because four years never actually means four years. David explained how the scheme works last night on the Live show, but basically Gerry pretended to work for Groupon and Zullilly, opened bank accounts in their names, and sold a debt collection company fake invoices for jewelry he never sold, totaling nearly $5 million.

Kent had been doing business with a Chicago-based factoring company, a third party company that offers business capital in exchange for buying unpaid invoices at a discount. He submitted fake invoices to the company that resulted in him receiving payments totaling nearly $5 million dollars. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Rhode Island, in order to pull off this fraud, he created and used a fraudulent copy of Groupon’s website, asked accomplices to pose as Groupon employees, and opened bank accounts in the names of Groupon and Zulily to deceive the debtor finance company into believing it was receiving payments from these companies.

Now he’s out of jail and immediately found albino crackhead barbie for a girlfriend, and you’ll never guess what she’s selling on Facebook.

Jewelry of course. And she thanked her new sugar Daddy for giving her the push and the confidence to sell her crappy jewelry on Etsy.

Oh, and she’s hiring models now too, including kids.

Who wouldn’t bring their child around a woman who’s been featured multiple times on TB, is fluent in Ratchetese, and whose last two boyfriends include a heroin dealer and a man who just got out of federal prison?

Since both of these women have a lot to say about me and aren’t shy I would like to formally invite them to come on the live show Sunday night (Bruins Saturday). If either of you fine young ladies wants to give me a piece of your mind face to face instead of leaving comments on our Instagram, message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson and we can make that happen. You can say whatever you want to me, and have all your friends watch. Fair is fair.


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