Western Mass Mom’s Facebook Group Agrees That 10 Weeks Of Lockdown Is Too Soon To Allow Children To Interact With Neighborhood Kids


Should you allow your children to have playdates with other kids? Western Mass Turtlegirl and I discussed this topic, and the reactions that a bunch of women in a Western Mass Moms Facebook group on the Live Show Saturday night. The consensus answer as you will see from the screenshots below (in the video as well) was exactly what you knew it would be.


So this was the initial post.


In a sane world everyone would let the kids play together because the data clearly shows that COVID is not a threat to kids.

Look at 0-19. Nearly 3,000 kids got it, and not a single one died. Well over 60% of commie cold deaths in this state are people over 80. This is a nursing home epidemic that preys on the elderly. Your kids are in no danger whatsoever from dying from it, which is why the media is trying to scare you with the “yea, but there’s this OTHER disease that COULD BE LINKED” to coronavirus that has a better chance of killing your kid.

Don’t buy it. They tried to scare you, it wore off, and now they’re going to try to do it some more because they like working at home.

But of course Facebook Momma groups don’t care about data or facts. They’re more in it for the hysteria, so here’s how it went down.

Absolutely not!!!

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If your mother in law died from COVID then it’s statistically probable that they were in a nursing home. We did nothing to protect nursing homes, and no one in a nursing home died because kids played together on the weekend.

The fact that these people are so proud to have deprived their kids of interaction with other kids is just plain sad. You’d have to be insane to think that’s healthy for children.

Becky had a lot to say too.


You’re a dental hygienist urging people not to get their teeth cleaned because of your irrational fear of a disease that has less than a 0.01% chance of killing you? You’re “self-isolating” (AKA abandoning) your kids because you don’t want to give them a disease that hasn’t killed a single child in this state despite thousands of positive tests, and likely many, many more who have had it without getting tested? In other words, you don’t want to parent or go back work.

That’s almost as bad as bringing your kids to a “distant birthday party” where you give them chalk, and tease them with other kids they can’t play games with, so that you and your girlfriends can bust out the lawn chairs and talk about how Charlie Baker is keeping you safe.

And finally a literal Karen showed up and went full Karen.

Not only is she no letting her only child enjoy his life due to her own, selfish, irrational fear of a virus that has almost no chance of harming her, she’s really upset that other people aren’t putting their kids through the same misery that she chooses to. She’s mad that other families are rubbing freedom in her kid’s face because his mother chooses to live like a slave to the government.

But please, tell me how “selfless” you’re being Karen. Keep telling your kid that you’re “keeping people from dying,” by depriving him of a normal childhood because you choose to ignore data and buy into media panic porn. I guess if you really believe that then it’s not a lie.

That is the most Karen picture I’ve ever seen. At least she acknowledges her natural role in society after being given that name.

If you have kids then let them play with other kids.  Just make sure Karen sees it too because she needs a visual reminder that she doesn’t control your freedoms.

P.S. We also talked about this guy towards the end who is a Bristol Blarney diehard fan who always comments on our videos, and made perhaps the most legendary anti-Turtleboy burn video.


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