Westminster Man Who Killed Driver 5 Minutes After Getting A Speeding Ticket In Route 20 Collision Also Had 5 Prior Speeding Violations But Kept His License




MassliveThe 30-year-old Westminster man cited for speeding five minutes before a fatal crash in Auburn last week has been charged with motor vehicle homicide, according to Auburn Police Chief Andrew Sluckis Jr. Dennis Maccarone was issued a citation on the motor vehicle homicide charge Monday afternoon, according to the police chief. He will be arraigned in Worcester District Court at a later date, Sluckis said.  Authorities said Maccarone was driving a pickup truck that crashed head-on into a Subaru driven by 34-year-old Keith Arsenault on Route 20 in Auburn Thursday.

Arsenault, who lived in Douglas and Woonsocket, Rhode Island, died Sunday from his injuries at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. Maccarone was cited for speeding on Route 20 just five minutes before the crash. He was driving 70 mph in a 40 mph zone about two miles from the crash, the chief said. According to records from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, Maccarone has been cited a handful of times for speeding in the past. Maccarone was cited for a marked lanes violation and driving negligently as to endanger immediately after the crash.

A preliminary investigation shows Maccarone was driving eastbound on Route 20 in Auburn when he crossed into the westbound lane. He struck the Subaru driven by Arsenault head-on, police said. Arsenault tried to swerve but was unable to avoid the truck. Auburn police asked the state RMV to suspend Maccarone’s license. His license was suspended on Friday.

RMV records show Maccarone was cited for speeding in Lancaster in 2006. He was cited for speeding in a special regulation zone in Westminster in 2007. A few years later, in June 2010, Maccarone was cited again for speeding in a special regulation zone in Westminster. Another speeding citation was issued to Maccarone in Princeton in October 2010. RMV records show another citation for speeding in a special regulation zone in Westminster in November 2016. He was also cited for speeding in Auburn before the fatal crash.


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According to the Telegram and Gazette he had 18 moving violations total under his belt. Dennis Maccarone was destined to kill someone. He made that perfectly clear with his driving record, yet he got to keep his license.

About seven years ago I had to go to a class for driving rejects in Leominster because I got three moving violations in a two year period. One of them was driving 65 in a 55, and the others were an inspection sticker and a tail light. I’m not exactly a menace behind the wheel, but I had to sit in a class full of them and here their ratchet tales of destruction. The whole day was Turtleboy porn, filled with people like this.

guess what? Nobody actually learns anything in these classes. It’s just a tax and a temporary inconvenience for one day. You hear a bunch of degenerates exchange war stories and then it ends and they all go right back to driving the way they always have. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and people like this should be permanently banned from the roads.


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