Weston Superintendent Writes Email Celebrating Election of Raphael Warnock, Says BLM Protesters Would Have Been Killed If They Rioted


This is Weston Public Schools superintendent Dr. Midge Connolly (yes, her name is Midge).

Weston is the wealthiest town in Massachusetts, and Dr. Midge commands a salary of $235K, which makes her one of the highest paid “educators” in the state. Yesterday she decided to fire out this email to faculty and parents after watching the “insurrection” at the Capitol.

Why is a superintendent in Massachusetts sending an email out expressing her joy over the election results in Georgia?

What do the results of a Senate election in Georgia have to do with the day to day runnings of the public schools?

Why is a non-partisan position like superintendent being used to advocate for one political party (Warnock is a democrat) over another?

Why does she assume that all parents will agree that the election of Warnock is a good thing?

Does Midge not believe black women? Because his ex-wife had some pretty serious allegations to level against him.

Why is Dr. Midge endorsing a person who said that “America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness?”

Why does she feel “hope and optimism” because Warnock is the the first black man elected to represent Georgia in the Senate? Black men have been elected from southern states to the Senate before, but all of them have been republican. Sounds like the “hope and optimism” doesn’t come from the fact that he’s black, but rather from the fact that he’s black and a democrat.

Did she send out an email a couple years go when Tim Scott became the first black man elected to represent Georgia’s neighbor South Carolina in the Senate? Or is he not black enough for her because he’s a republican, just like every other straight black man not named Barrack Obama ever elected to the Senate?

Dr. Midge said that, “What would have happened if their skin had been black or brown? If I look at recent history I must conclude that there would have been more civilians dead and wounded.”

How does she know that “if their (the rioters) skin had been black or brown” that they would’ve been killed by police? Let’s see what happened when BLM burned down a police station in Minneapolis.

Just so we are clear, when BLM burned down a police station the police responded by fleeing the building and running for their lives. Zero BLM protesters were shot. That’s only because this was “mostly a protest, it has not generally speaking unruly, but fires have been started.”


Funny these peaceful BLM protesters weren’t afraid to attack cops, loot businesses, or murder people like David Dorn.


And how did police react to all this rioting and looting of major American cities? By doing this.

“If they were BLM protesters they would’ve been shot.”

Now let’s see what happens when a white protester attempts to break into the Capitol.



Now she’s dead. If she were black she would probably be deader, I guess.

You’re hearing a lot about how we need to “come together,” because we need “unity,” from the new administration. But that’s only because they’re winning and have control. By unity they mean blaming cops for being racist, gaslighting you about what BLM actually did to this country in June, and getting the government to force social media companies to ban you if you disagree with them. Ya know, “uniting” stuff like this from the uniter in chief.

These people are no different than Donald Trump. They don’t want unity, they want power. They just package it better.

In a just and fair society where people were rational instead of hypocritical, the people of Weston wouldn’t stand for an email like this from their superintendent. You can agree with her all you want, but you should recognize and respect that not all of your neighbors do. An email like this makes them feel like they’re being labeled as the bad guys. How does that unite us? If you’re a republican in Weston do you feel welcomed there after the superintendent sent out an email celebrating her victory over you in Georgia? I’m a republican, but if my superintendent sent out an email celebrating the election of a republican Senator in North Carolina I wouldn’t be happy about that. But the problem is that people who agree with her will cheer this on, not realizing that they’re only contributing to the divide. When you tell half the country that they’re 100% bad and you’re 100% good then you foment the kind of anger that led to the election of Donald Trump in the first place.


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