Weymouth Town Council Candidate Running As Family Man Refuses To Acknowledge 15 Year Old Love Child Daughter, Bans Her From Seeing Sisters


This is Ed Hancock, a former Weymouth Police Officer and current candidate for Town Council.

He’s championing himself as a public servant and a family man, and certainly appears to be the loving father of two girls.

Except there’s just one problem – Ed is the father of three girls. His 15 year old daughter Cosette was born before his two other daughters after he impregnated another woman, and he and his wife didn’t want anything to do with her. Although he has been paying child support since she was born, what Cosette really wants is her Dad to love her, and to have a relationship with her sisters who up until recently didn’t know she existed. In court documents out of Norfolk County Probate and Family Court in 2010 Ed Hancock asked the court to reduce his child support payments because he didn’t wish to have any contact with his daughter.

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I spoke with Cosette about this and asked permission to use her name, which she granted. She is a well spoken young girl suffering from anxiety as a result of the rejection she feels having to watch her father parade around her two sisters while being ashamed of her existence.

Here’s what she told me:

My name is Cosette. I’m a teenage girl from Weymouth. My dad is running for town council in my town. I do not support this one bit. Let me tell you why. He is running on a platform that portrays him as a so called family man. I am his first born child that he has hidden from everyone despite that he lives in the same town as me. He cheated on his wife and I’m a result of that & he doesn’t want anyone to know about me. I now have two younger sisters that i’m being kept from. One sister is only a year younger than me and goes to my public high school with most of my friends. I have seen your page and read a good amount of your stories and I love that you say things for how they are. Because he is running for political office, I think you are my only hope to cause attention to this. 

This whole situation has just been such a source of anxiety in my life and it’s hurtful that he and his wife run around like I don’t exist. I was okay for a while and was starting to accept that there was nothing i could do until all of this campaign stuff popped up like he’s this big family man, yet he has nothing to do with me. I want people to see the real Ed Hancock for what he is, not the one he is pretending to be for votes.

Having a love child with another woman isn’t anyone’s business. Personal relationships are personal, which is why I don’t shame anyone for choices they make in their private lives. It’s certainly not disqualifying for public office. But hurting your own child because you’re not man enough to accept the results of your choices is one of the worst things a man can do. (Side note – President Warren Harding paid off multiple mistresses like this, and rejected his love child for political gain, and this will be the topic of Wednesday night’s Turtle Club live stream. Click here to sign up.)

In the animal kingdom Mom remains the constant. Except in rare cases of neglect or drug abuse, the mother will always choose to be there for their child. It’s the fathers that are the X factor. They are the most important people in the development of their children. The absence of fathers is the root cause of almost all of our country’s problems. Children who have two loving parents are much more likely to succeed, and much less likely to suffer from psychological problems.

Some of the stories Cosette told me were so sad to read.

To give you a bit of insight as to how he treats me, in 2019 I was at a police/fire charity hockey game for a boy I babysit in my town. He was there by himself and he knew I would be there because I always go. This year he went and sat behind me and seemed to follow me around as I was purposely trying to avoid him because I was so upset. 

Another time I was at Canobie Lake with my friends and her parents when I saw my father. My two little sisters got on the same ride as me. As I got off the ride he walked right past me without a word and waited for my sisters to get off the ride. 

Can you imagine imagine how hurtful and painful that sort of rejection is? It’s natural for a child to start asking themselves, “what’s wrong with me?” And the answer is, nothing is wrong with you. Something is wrong with him. Fatherhood is a gift, your father isn’t a man, and you deserved better.

Only one of her sisters even knows she exists.

I first met him when I was 5 but he would keep coming around then taking off for years. He would come only see me while he was working. Then when I was about 11 I was sailing & got trapped on a boat, he was the cop that responded. I was pretty mad and didn’t want to see him because he kept taking off on me. Then he started to come around consistently (because his wife didn’t know) and my mom was trying to get him to be honest with me and tell me about my sisters. I always wanted sisters. When he didn’t tell me, my mom did. I then told him I didn’t want to see him again if I couldn’t be part of his family. So behind his wife’s back he let me meet my sisters.

Then in 2018, he had a heart attack and I went to go visit him in the hospital, his wife showed up and was very angry that I was there, even though I was by myself. Once he got out of the hospital, he dropped off the face of the earth again. He then filed to reduce his support and my mom only agreed to reduce it if he would start to take me and let me be part of his family. He said yes and then never took me or allowed me to see my sisters. He then told his family that he wanted them to not have anything to do with me either. I have not spoken to him in 3.5 years and all of this is just so hurtful. I know this is all complicated and crazy but sadly this is what i’ve been dealing with. 

I am not allowed to see my sisters (that is my father and his wife’s doing not my mother’s), I have no way to contact them and I’ve tried finding the older one’s social media to try to contact her but as far as I know she doesn’t have any, so the last time I saw/talked to either of them was almost 3 years ago. 

When we did talk we would go out and do fun stuff together, like the older one and I went to tree top adventures in Canton for my birthday with my friends. We would go to the mall & out to eat and I had a good relationship with the both of them even though the youngest one who is 10 yrs old now, didn’t know I was her sister. My mom purposely doesn’t let me go to certain town events like the parade this past Sunday because she doesn’t want me to be hurt when/if I see my sisters or my father so i haven’t run into them since he cut off contact. 

Imagine living in the same town as your sisters, seeing them around your school, and not being able to have a relationship with them because your father forbids it? What kind of man subjects his own flesh and blood to that sort of emotional abuse?

Although her father seems to be heartless and uncaring, her paternal grandparents, aunts, and uncles all have relationships with her.

I didn’t meet anyone in his family until I was 12, like my grandparents  and one of my aunts. He has two sisters. After I met my grandfather & my aunt he told them they were not allowed to have a relationship with me but they chose to ignore him and now he doesn’t speak to them because of it. 

I understand that for Ed Hancock, and especially his wife, it would hard to have a daughter that both of them didn’t create. People make mistakes, and that’s OK. What’s not OK is for two adults to go out of their way to hurt a child like this because they’re embarrassed by Ed’s personal life choices. His wife is just as much to blame as he is. She should recognize that her husband is incredibly selfish and encourage him to do what is best for his daughter. Instead she encourages him to neglect her. It’s hard enough for this girl living in the same town as the man who abandoned her and doesn’t give her the love she craves and needs, but for him to run for office and present himself as the father of two girls, has to be salt in Cosette’s emotional wounds. The thing is, if he had just embraced his oldest daughter people would be accepting of that. He knows he would be hurting her if he did this, but he doesn’t care because Ed Hancock and his wife only think about themselves.



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