Weymouth Woman Created Fake Online Persona Using Boston Nurse’s Information And Another Woman’s Family Pictures To Gain Access To Children


Click here to read yesterday’s blog on Amber Carmark so you’re all caught up for this story. To catch you up quickly, Amber and a nurse named Kayla Murphy posted several times on Facebook that Amber’s 12 week old baby in the womb’s ashes and other belongings were stolen when her boyfriend left them by a dumpster in Weymouth. Two weeks later a mystery person “found” them, but some of the ashes were missing, as was the original box they came in. Kayla used this opportunity to crowd fund name brand clothing for Amber.

Many, including myself, were suspicious about Kayla the whole time. She seemed obsessed with Amber, and claimed they were sisters, except we showed that Amber doesn’t have a sister. Kayla was also asking for clothes for a 17 year old she allegedly took in, who happens to wear the same size clothing as Amber.

Things got weirder when we found out that Amber posthumously named her baby Nolan, which just so happened to be the name of one of Kayla’s children.

Most suspiciously was the fundraiser she had for her other sister “Michelle,” who just so happened to have had a miscarriage on the exact same day that Amber did.

After the blog was published Amber didn’t come onto our page, but Kayla did show up to defend Amber’s honor. It appears as if her caps lock was broken too.

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It should be noted that she told two different stories about where the baby was cremated, which others doubted was possible at that young of an age.

But she Kayla had Amber’s receipts.

I see no evidence that suggests that she’s lying about a miscarriage, or that the baby was cremated. But I do believe that Amber is Kayla, and there is plenty of evidence to back that up.

Kayla gave herself away when she told someone to check their DM’s for a message from Amber.

But how would she know that Amber had DM’d her? And why wouldn’t Amber just post on the page herself if that was the case? Why is Kayla Murphy the official spokeswoman for Amber? According to Kayla it was because Amber was in her house.

Apparently they’re just attached at the hip, even though Kayla appears to be a mother of four on her Facebook page (which is now gone).

Then Kayla said that Amber DM’d her a picture that she wanted Kayla to post.


Why would she need to DM her if she’s right there in the house?

And what about the fundraiser for her sister Michelle?

She had an answer for that one too.

Her imaginary sisters can’t stop having miscarriages around the exact same time. Also, the fundraiser said that the miscarriage for “Michelle” happened the weekend before August 20, which means she didn’t miscarry on August 10. This is why lying is a bad habit – because one lie always leads to another, and eventually you start contradicting yourself.

Kayla messaged Clarence Woods Emerson and asked to have the story removed. It seemed odd that she was more upset about this than Amber.

Amber has had some serious run-in’s with the law, including recent charges in September for assault and battery on a family member, and a charge last week of violation of an abuse prevention disorder, on top of other charges like larceny over $250 and strangulation.

Considering Amber advertises herself as a babysitter and nanny for hire online, this information is important for the public to have.

Kayla always responds on Amber’s behalf whenever a job opening watching kids or pets pops up on Facebook.

She’s also planning on becoming a cop soon.

Because everything she says is a lie.

Kayla told one woman that she carried Amber’s miscarried baby and was a nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital. When she was called out on this she called the woman some choice words.

Kayla Murphy’s Facebook page was made in September 2018, shortly after she first appeared on Turtleboy, probably to avoid her name coming up on a search engine. This was around the time she was begging us to take the post down too. Amber’s story is like the plotline of every Lifetime move ever. A woman who wants to have a child but miscarries seeks access to other people’s kids using a fake name, then skips town with them.

But if Kayla Murphy isn’t a real person, then where did she get this online persona from? Whose identity did she steal?

It’s a combination of two things. First, Kayla’s Facebook page said she was a RN at Boston Children’s Hospital and Mass General.

That just happened to be the exact same bio as a real woman named Kayla Murphy.

We have contacted Kayla but the message is probably hidden in her filtered DM’s.

After assuming the real Kayla Murphy’s identity she decided to take pictures of another woman and her family and post them all over her Facebook page to make Kayla Murphy look real. Hopefully someone reading this recognizes the woman, her husband, or any of the children, so we can contact them.

On top of that she also pretended to be pregnant with twins, which she gave birth to shortly before her alleged miscarriage.

She named one of the babies “Zadie.”

Even in imaginary world she makes horrible life choices.

I didn’t suspect her at first because she had a couple mutual friends. Some people had dozens of mutual friends with her.

Fake Facebook profiles usually don’t have that. But Amber is extremely dedicated to her lies, and everyone we spoke to who was Facebook friends with Kayla said the same thing – they don’t know who she is, and she friend requested them.

She was really, really committed to making this fake person look real.

I even noticed this woman post on her page under a picture of someone else’s kids.

Betty DeMoranville, better known as the “Freetown Fap Weasel,” is one of the most notorious ratchets in recent Turtleboy history. Amber was probably friend requesting people featured on Turtleboy blogs.

It gets worse.

In January “Kayla” said that her son Peyton was in the ICU at a hospital in Utah. She blamed it on the “girl watching” him.

But again, there was no fundraiser. She just gets off on the attention and pity. Just like she did when she faked her own kidnapping, just like she did when she said she got hit by a car rollerblading in January, and just like she did when she said her baby’s ashes were stolen.

She’s been doing this for a long time too. She ran away from her group home right before her 18th birthday and Fall River Reporter put a missing child alert out for her.

Ten days prior to that she posted on Fall River Scanner Talk asking hypothetically if they’d be reporting about a missing teenager.

“Sorry my friend is asking.”

Always a friend with her. Or a sister.

Another call for attention was when Amber used Kayla to make up a story about a black guy (of course she had to go full racist on this one) who tried to kidnap, rape, and potentially disembowel her sister in Scituate High School parking lot.

A lot of people tagged us in that post since it was shared thousands of times, but we had retired from pumpkin spice mafia lies at that point, so it never got blogged about.

Amber also posts a lot in miscarriage support groups.

She has posted that she didn’t want to pass the baby at home because she works at Jet Blue.

So in her fantasy world she’s a stewardess and a cop in training.

She once posted that her baby was dead at 11.5 weeks after her boyfriend pushed her (no judgment please), and wanted to know when she could get pregnant again.

On the day her baby allegedly died she complained in a group that he was whining about her messing around with another guy in July. The same guy who her boyfriend was hooking up with.

Imagine how crazy you have to be to post something like that on Facebook the day the doctor told you that you miscarried? Does she even have a boyfriend, or is he as real as Kayla?

It gets crazier. On August 18 she complained in a Facebook group that after Amber told her sister (Michelle? Kayla?) about the miscarriage, her sister instructed her not to tell the family or post on Facebook about how “you’re a mommy to an angel in heaven,” which is exactly what she’s been doing.

Since she’s been outed Amber has been messaging people who have commented on the page, and she’s using foul language.

She’s welcome to come on the live show tomorrow night, but something tells me she won’t.

The bottom line is this woman is dangerous, psychotic, has a history of violence, is a pathological liar, and is actively seeking babysitting jobs in the south shore. This is a woman who is likely mentally ill, created an entire Internet personality to gain access to children, and exclusively used the account to promote Amber (herself).

Every parent should be made aware of who she is, because people like this don’t just stop. She didn’t last year after becoming Turtleboy famous, and she’s not going to now.


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