White Marblehead Woman Explains How White People Are Oppressing And Killing POC By Not Assuming Mikayla Miller Was Murdered


This is Lindsay Penkrat, a Boston College student from Marblehead.

Based on her hundreds of Facebook and IG pictures that don’t feature a single person who is not a basic white chick like herself, we can only assume that she is a suspected white nationalist.

We were introduced to Lindsay yesterday after we recently got involved in the world of Instagram. Our new account has over 1,000 followers, and a recent post made by the account about the Mikayla Miller suicide caught the attention of Lindsay and people like her.


Her responses were perhaps the greatest example of what critical race theory can do to the brains of dumb white people who don’t like asking questions, and desperately want the approval of black people they’ve never interacted with.

This person was accepted at Boston College. That’s how much of a joke that school is.

You don’t just wake up one day and say stuff like this. You’re taught it in high school, college, and every time you turn on Netflix. This is what the end product of critical race theory looks like. You take a girl from Marblehead who has never interacted with a black person before, tell her that the only reason she grew up living in a wealthy beach town is because she’s white, and convince her that socioeconomics don’t matter nearly as much as race. This is what you get:

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“We are oppressing them as we walk around with unbelievable privilege.”

Calm down Becky. You’re not oppressing anyone by being white.

“Not all? Yes all. We all benefit at the expense of POC overtly and covertly.”

I am not benefitting at the expense of a single black person. There are many jobs and opportunities that are closed to me specifically because I’m white though.

“It’s completely fair that people think white people like us like black pain”

I’ve never seen someone openly hate themselves as much as this sad creature. I don’t like black pain. She probably does because she is a white supremacist, but you don’t speak for all white people dear.

“Putting sm effort into defending yourself instead of empathizing that we are systemically killing and invoking suffering on people of color.”

This is her regurgitating the entire premise of Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility,” which is being pushed in public schools everywhere. White people are not allowed to defend themselves when they’re baselessly called racist, because that’s being fragile. Instead you just have to nod your head, agree that you are racist, and figure out a way to stop killing black people you’ve never killed before.

“White people like myself are systemically invoking suffering on you and I will do everything I can to stop that.”

If you’re willing to do “everything” you can to stop black people from suffering, why don’t you start by giving up your spot at Boston College for a black student to have? Oh wait, that would require personal sacrifice, which you’re unwilling to do. It’s easy to sit on social media and type words, it’s not easy giving up something that you like though. Prove me wrong.

“I hate the society colonizers have created.”

OK, then hand over your iPhone, car, TV, college education, house, and pink vibrator. Those were all created as a result of the evil colonizers. You can go live in a mud hut, eat sesame seeds, and die from lack of healthcare at the age of 38. I love the society colonizers created (so does she), but I hate the society BLM has created that produces sad, pathetic white supremacists like Lindsay.

There was so much more.

“Intersectional discrimination.”

She was a sad 16 year old girl who had her heart broken as millions of other kids her age have. She reached a place mentally where she felt suicide was the only way out. It was a horrible, preventable tragedy, and we should be doing everything in our power to raise awareness for mental health treatment. But instead we have white nationalists from Marblehead blatantly lying about Mikayla’s death so they can virtue signal on Instagram. Does this look like a girl suffering from intersectional discrimination?

No. She was just a kid. She needed help and no one was there to help her. Now she’s dead and horrible racists like Lindsay Penkrat are exploiting her death for their own self interests.

“It sounds like you’re making fun of social justice in your highlight.”

No dear, we’re making fun of you, and people like you who think that social justice means lying about a girl who committed suicide and making up stories about lynch mobs murdering her. Everyone is laughing at you. Everyone.

She also wants my live show to be more diverse.

“try to get some POCs, LGBTQ+ and women on here to talk about social justice issues.”

The fact that she tokenizes black people like this is pretty racist. Not “a person of color,” but “some POCs.” Any POC will do. They’re all the same to racists like Lindsay Penkrat. And we’ve had plenty of women on the show, and some BLT-123’s as well. They also think that people like you are a joke.

The good news is she’s absolving herself of her racism by running away from Marblehead “as soon as I can choose my life.”

Sure, she could just move out now, but she enjoys the financial security, college tuition, and the free wifi that come along with mooching off her parents. As soon as she’s done milking them and they are no longer useful to her she’ll be moving into the heart of Roxbury so she can be bunkies with Monica Cannon-Grant.

There was just so much of this stupidity going on to chronicle.

All you can do is just point and laugh at people like this. Some will suggest we should be civil with them, but not me. These people are evil, their intentions are not good, they’re racist, and they’re running the institutions. The only way to fight back against them is to humiliate them whenever you can. They deserve nothing less than your scorn.


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