White Nationalist Free Speech Thought Leader Nick Fuentes Blocks Me After Being Challenged To Debate While Whining That Conservatives Won’t Debate Him


Last night I published a blog challenging white nationalist thought leader Nick Fuentes to a debate. I’d recommend you read it first, but if not here is the TL;DR:

  • Fuentes is a 21 year old BU dropout who left the school after being seen at the Charlottesville rally in 2017
  • No one took him seriously so he started saying outrageous stuff about black people, Jews, and rape in order to establish his reputation as an uncontrollable free speech absolutist
  • He orders his cult of “groypers,” which mostly consist of sexually repressed young men living in their mother’s basements, to disrupt prominent conservatives at speaking events, hoping to gain the attention of people with bigger followings than he has
  • These conservatives have all declined to debate him because they don’t take him seriously and he’s just not that significant
  • He inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) has done great damage to conservatism by attempting to tie white nationalism and anti-semitism to the movement

Since I’m more on his level in terms of the size of our following (although Turtleboy is immensely more well known in New England than he is) I figured I’d debate him. Some have asked what we would discuss?

I am banned from Twitter, and you’re responding to a fan run account. If you’d like to ask me a question personally email [email protected]

I’d like to debate whether or not his over the top inflammatory rhetoric is good or bad for conservatives. My position is that it’s bad. He seems to think these people like Charlie Kirk and Matt Walsh want to censor him, which I disagree with, so we could debate that as well. I’d debate him on why I’m banned from Twitter for life while he has a blue checkmark, and whether or not that’s intentionally done by Twitter in order to make conservatives look bad. Spoiler alert – they want Nick to be the face of conservatism. They’ve kicked off other conservatives for saying “men cannot be women,” or “learn to code,” and meanwhile Nick is explaining why the Holocaust wasn’t real and digital rape isn’t so bad, yet her remains on. I don’t think they should ban him, I’d just like to discuss with him why he’s still on there when others are not. For now it seems that his only real accomplishment is acting as a tool for the left.

I’d debate him on political issues like immigration as well, although I don’t think we agree on the basics of immigration policy. The difference is that Nick doesn’t mind illegal immigration, so long as they’re coming from Europe or Canada.

But the biggest thing I’d debate with him is whether or not he’s a charlatan. Because exposing people like him for being frauds is pretty much how we’ve built our following in the first place.

Friend of Turtleboy, Mindy Robinson jumped on board and retweeted the article.

Nick responded by blocking our fan-run Twitter account.

The free speech absolutist who demands people debate him is censoring and hiding from a conservative who wants to debate him on topics involving free speech. This is Josh Abrams level hypocrisy.

Nazi Nick isn’t used to someone like he. He’s used to dealing with proper, polite, respectful conservatives in suits. He’s not ready for what I’ll bring. He knows I will gleefully jump in the gutter with him. He knows I will reach deep into his soul and expose his vulnerabilities. He knows I’ll point out that at his core he’s really just a sad, pathetic, sexually repressed nerd who realized there was a market for anti-semitism among people like him and capitalized off of it.

Then, in quite possibly the most hypocritical move of all time, Nazi Nick said that he would debate anyone who’s tried to smear him, which is nonsense because he blocked me the second I challenged him to a debate.

He doesn’t want a debate with Ben Shapiro or Matt Walsh or Charlie Kirk. He wants them to ignore him so he can go on pretending to be a victim of conservative INC censorship. Come on Nazi Nick, I’ll at least have a conversation with you. Even your boy toy Scotty Greer thinks you should debate me.

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And he didn’t get out of his safe space until just a couple years ago.

Mindy called him out for being such a fraud.

And he responded to that by doing what every leftist does when they get backed into a corner –

Making up lies in order to deflect.

He did eventually agree to debate her, even though she clearly stated that she wanted him to debate me. And it looks like we might be getting somewhere.

Or he could just have poor reading comprehension skills, which is a distinct possibility.

Meanwhile his army of blue balled Magic rejects has rushed to his defense because they worship this fraud.

“No one has ever heard of you.”

I’d estimate that about 5% of our readers had ever heard of Nick Fuentes before we blogged about him, so we’re even.

“Uncle Turtleboy” is what turtle riders call me. To be clear, my name is Aidan Kearney. I’m originally from Worcester, MA, and unlike Nazi Nick, I hide from nobody. Read my book to learn all about me, and check out the reviews for further comment.

This tweet about sums it up.

“We want someone recognizable like Shapiro or Matt Walsh.”

Yea, but they don’t want Nazi Nick. Plus, I’m much more recognizable in New England, an area where very few people know who he is. So he could build a new following of incels up here. Either way, I’m easily the most recognizable person that’s actually willing to debate Nick, so I’d suggest he take my offer. But for now he’s running so we may not get that opportunity.

The fun is just beginning though, and I’ll be discussing this  on the live stream tonight at 930. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.


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