White Newton North Principal Is Selling Online Diversity Training For High Schools To Brainwash Faculty And Students With Critical Race Theory


A few months ago we published a blog about this guy:

Henry Turner is the woke principal of Newton North High School, and he identifies as black despite clearly being white. In November he sent out this ridiculous email, claiming that the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse was white supremacy, even though Rittenhouse killed 2 white pedophiles in self defense.

But as it turns out it was all part of a bigger plan for this grifter. Henry Turner has a website where he now sells books and seminars about how he fixed racism at Newton North, and he’s looking to sell them to white schools across the country.

Again, that is a white man. I don’t care what his ancestry DNA test results say. If racial discrimination is prevalent, and it’s based on your phenotype as folks like him claim it is, then he has nothing to worry about since no one would ever mistake him for being black.

The product he’s selling sounds like an infomercial that would be blaring on your TV if you fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 2 in the morning.¬†First you buy the software, where he teaches you how to brainwash your faculty with communist propaganda.

Then you buy his book, which somehow he has time to write while being the Principal of one of the biggest high schools in Massachusetts.

Henry used to be just like you – trying to teach his mostly white staff and students what it’s like to be an oppressed black man like him.

Prior to getting there Newton North was a racist high school, filled with icky whiteness.

Then he watched his own seminar on equity, and POOF –

Racism dismantled. It literally no longer exists at Newton North High School, and it can be gone from yours too for the low, low price of just $297 (taxes and fees not included).

All you have to do to get rid of racism at your school is create new classes from scratch about “social justice,” so that adults can brainwash children with critical race theory, and teach them about how “whiteness” is a more serious threat to them than inflation, war, and illegal immigration combined!

On top of teaching kids that a white man killing 2 other white men in self defense is systemic racism, teachers will also learn how to show kids that Breonna Taylor was murdered (even though she wasn’t) in order to narrow the racial gap.

Oh, and for the record he believes that girls who want to compete against other girls in sports are bigots.

People like Henry Turner belong nowhere near public education. The public schools belong to the people, and you have no right to brainwash other people’s children with your communist ideology while getting paid six figure salaries by the taxpayers. If you want to be a race hustling grifter, which Henry Turner clearly aspires to be, then go and be one. But if you have time for a side gig doing this then you’re not spending enough time doing your actual job.


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