Wilmington Man Voices Opposition To Dropkick Murphy’s Fundraiser For Fallen Worcester Firefighter Because Only Good Samaritans Are Heroes


WBZ posted a story on Facebook today announcing a fundraiser for fallen Worcester firefighter Jason Menard, which will feature Dropkick Murphy’s.


Obviously this is a very cool thing, and one that we should all be able to agree is a nice gesture. Then Paul Legere from Wilmington showed up and ruined it for everyone.

If you see a nice thing like this and the first thought that comes to your mind is, “I better get on Facebook and tell people that the hero isn’t a hero because he was collecting a paycheck while being a hero,” then you’re probably a dreadful person to be around. Don’t be like Paul Legere.

Double Chin Donnie understandably and justifiably got a lot of negative feedback from his bizarre and insensitive comment, but rather than delete and retreat he decided to double down and explain why the hero isn’t deserving of these accolades.

We get it – you’re cheap and miserable. You’re certainly entitled to your misguided opinion, but you have to understand that normal people with normally functioning brains believe that people who run into burning buildings looking for babies are heroes. You sure picked a great hill to die on though Paul. Definitely worth embarrassing yourself and ending up on Turtleboy over.

Meanwhile he’s a little preoccupied with more pressing concerns, like who’s winning a reality TV show designed for women.

Oh I get it now – he hates everything.

He really seems to be upset that other people are offering to donate money their own money to this cause. This somehow affects him, because he only raises money for legitimate causes like, “Stop child abuse/sexual assault….911.” Yes, that’s an actual name of a GoFundMe that he created.

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He started a GoFundMe to raise money for a registered non-profit, rather than telling people to donate to the non-profit. Sounds totally not shady. The money will get to the nonprofit, and it will fix sexual assault, but not before it goes through his hands first and GoFundMe takes their cut.

Anyway Paul, I suggest you wash some of that sand out of your meat wallet and lighten up a bit, because you’re embarrassing your kids who most certainly can see this when they go onto Facebook.


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