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Winchendon Man Arrested In November For Pouring Water In Women’s Gas Tanks With Rope Tied To Penis Commits Same Crime In Milford Despite Ankle Bracelet From Pending Charges 


In November we published a story about a Winchendon man named Alexander Yee who was seen in Southampton (and other Hampshire County towns) pouring water in women’s gas tanks while they were grocery shopping, then following them until their cars broke down, at which point he approached their vehicles offering help with a piece of rope tied to his schmenzer.


It sounded like something from the Pumpkin Spice Mafia, but turned out to be 100% accurate, despite naysayers like this.

Since his arrest in November Yee’s court dates have been pushed back several times, which is what happens in a system that allows people like Rian Waters and Big Black Jeffrey to clog up the halls of justice.

Over the weekend the Milford, Holliston, Franklin, and Bellingham Police Departments posted a warning on Facebook that an Asian male in his 30’s was doing the same thing at the Target in Milford, except this time he was also flattening tires and offer to drive women home.

A lot of people messaged me over the weekend about it because they assumed it had to be Ho Chi Foreskin. What were the odds that another Asian man of the same age was going around pulling the same creepy stunt in a community he doesn’t live in?

But apparently some people don’t read Turtleboy as they should, and they accused the Milford Police of misleading the public, as the story seemed too crazy to believe. A very serious man called Joe Basile accused the police of scaring women with something that wasn’t happening while using poor grammar.

The guy who thinks a mask will stop him from getting COVID is accusing a public institution of spreading fear unnecessarily.

Fox 25 News reporter was scooping the comments section for sources, which to Joe was an admission that she didn’t believe it either.

Jill is the same reporter who a couple weeks ago published a story humanizing a guy who stabbed a Boston Police officer and calling him a victim.

Maybe she can call Ho Chi Foreskin a victim and ask his friends and family about his favorite vacation spots too.

Alexander Yee actually had an ankle bracelet on from his previous charges in November, which is how they knew he was in Milford. When the police called him he admitted to doing it, said that it was a fetish because he “enjoys seeing people disabled,” but he refused to turn himself in so they had to arrest him and give him the perp walk yesterday.

This is why everyone should read Turtleboy. Our readers knew exactly who this was the moment the police posted about it and were on guard as a result. Others spread misinformation that could’ve gotten someone killed (is that how this works now?). But the bigger problem is our court system that allows people like this to remain free, when they’ve made it clear that they’re going to keep doing the things that got them arrested in the first place. The dude gets off on disabling women’s cars so he can show them the rope tied to his hog. There’s no reforming people like that, and this time he should be held without bail.


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