Winchendon Man Who Bragged That Nobody Ever Died Off Heroin He Sold After Drug Bust Dies Suddenly 


Six years ago we published a blog about a Winchendon drug dealer named Jason Kilfoyle after he was arrested and told Fitchburg Police that he was a “good drug dealer” due to the fact that no one ever OD’d on his drugs (because he was cheap and didn’t cut it with fentanyl).

A Winchendon man in whose car police found 30 small bags of heroin apparently sought leniency by claiming no one has ever overdosed on his drugs because he doesn’t cut it with Fentanyl, police said. Jason A. Kilfoyle, 32, of 710 Spring St. in Winchendon was pulled over for driving over the speed limit on Townsend Street Monday at around 6:18 p.m., according to a police report of his arrest. Police at the scene noticed a black folding knife in the center console “next to the shifter,” according to the report.

After police asked Kilfoyle to step out of his 2016 Black Chevy Malibu, an officer saw a “tightly wrapped glassine baggie” filled with 9 grams of heroin that was weighed out into 30 individually wrapped bags, according to the report. When questioned about the drugs, Kilfoyle reportedly told police he forgot they were in the car, and that he would have tossed them out the window if he had remembered.

“You win some, you lose some,” Kilfoyle told police, according to the report.

“He then told me that no one has every Overdosed (sic) from his heroin because he doesn’t cut it with Fentanyl like everyone else does,” the arresting officer wrote in the report.

His girlfriend Sam Aldred defended his honor in the comments section.

But three years later he was revealed to be not such a good drug dealer after he was arrested again in Gardner when he got caught trafficking a bunch of coke and fentanyl with some unregistered guns.

Darwin almost got him the year before that after he went snowmobiling on thin “ice” with large water holes all over it, one of which he drove directly into.

But unfortunately for the “good drug dealer” who never had anyone die on his supply, Jason Kilfoyle died last week suddenly.

Jason was born on May 17, 1985, in Gardner, MA, to Kyle Kilfoyle and Julie Kilfoyle-Kelly. Jason had a light that was so very bright and had compassion, he would do anything for anyone if they needed help. Jason was a kind spirit who loved animals. He was creative and his imagination was endless. He had giant dreams for a beautiful life with his daughter, Sophia.

Huge loss for the community. The legacy he left behind is unparalleled.

At least the charges for vandalizing property in May got dropped.

I don’t have any proof that he died from a drug overdose, but I do have common sense. And despite the fairy tale that his obituary tells about what a great law abiding contributing member of society he was, the reality if this guy sold poison that ruined people’s lives and was unrepentant about it. Fentanyl dealer are the lowest of the low, and I’m not gonna pretend like it’s some big loss that there’s one less of them on earth. If the guy who bragged about nobody dying off his supply ended up dying off his supply, I’m sorry, but that’s Karma.



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