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Winchendon Mother Slams Infant Daughter Into Crib, Threatens To Leave Her Outside Naked If Baby Daddy Doesn’t Get Cigarettes And Steak, Tries To Regain Custody After Getting Out Of Jail


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This is Krysta Smith from Winchendon.

As you can see, she is roughly a Wincehntucky 6, which means that she is required to be inseminated by a guy with a flat brimmed hat and pay for an arm sleeve tattoo with food stamps. This is the guy who thought it would be a good idea to give her the raw dog express.

His name is Mike Diforte, and he’s good friends with this guy:

If the name Mark Leblanc rings a bell it’s because South Short Turtlegirl blogged about him in January of 2017 after he taunted the Leominster Police about being on their most wanted list, robbed an elderly woman to feed his drug habit, bragged about being the only guy in cell block D to post his pictures on Facebook, and then both he and his slampig threatened Desk Girl.

So that’s the kind of company these people are keeping.

Both Krysta and Mike already had a child of their own when they accidentally procreated. He wanted her to get an abortion but she wouldn’t. While she was pregnant she didn’t like when he was spending time with his daughter Bailey, so she left him several voicemails telling him not to see his daughter anymore because “our kid is better,” even though that child was not yet born.


“You have to tell me what you’re doing or I’m gonna freak out.”

“Stop making everything about Bailey, we’re having a kid now. Pay attention to this one and what we’re gonna do. Never mind her, she’s gonna be fine.”

“You need to start focusing on our kid more than her.”

“We’re having a kid now, forget Bailey, Our kid is better. Like, do I have to raise this kid on my own and never let you see it? Because I will. Focus on our kid, I’m getting really f***ing pissed.”

“I’d rather struggle than regret killing our child.” 

I hope the sweet sensation of raw dog was worth it my guy, because your daughter’s going to the daddy-daughter dance with her with her grandmother.

After that she texted him and said “f*** your ugly ass abortion should have been kid,” which is kind of English.


She also said that he should forget his daughter’s birthday and is instead required to spend holidays with her and her other love child (from another guy) Akaylia.


She also vowed to chop off his skin flute if he liked too many female friends’ pictures on Facebook.


She ended up having the baby, but shockingly was a horrible mother, who had already lost custody of her other kid. Last year in a viral Facebook post she was accused of violently throwing the crying infant daughter into a crib, which she recorded.




She thought that this sort of child abuse was justified because she was mad that Raw Dog Randy didn’t bring her cigarettes, which is why she sent him these text messages threatening to put the baby (who she referred to as “the mistake”) outside naked.


Glinda Gloryhole initially tried to deny it that it was abuse, claiming that her knee gave out, and credited herself with not slamming the child on the floor.

I hate when I’m standing upright and my knee gives out for no reason, causing my arms to involuntarily move in the opposite direction and throw any object in my immediate vicinity. It’s the worst.

She wasn’t happy that her sister in law called the DCF Fairy on her either.


She made an appearance on the post using a burner account and gave herself away since no one in their right mind would ever come out in defense of a child abuser.


Instead of protecting his daughter, Raw Dog Randy did what cucks like him always do – defend his abuser. First he claimed the video was altered and said he would be contacting the police on the real criminal who did the altering.


Then he told people to get their FACKS straight.


According to his neighbor when Glinda Gloryhole isn’t abusing children or getting into rivalries with other people’s kids, she’s usually abusing Raw Dog Randy.


And she’s done this with pretty much every gentleman that’s gone spelunking in her stench trench.


Meanwhile, in order to prove her innocence and show that she would never hurt a child, Glinda Gloryhole messaged the haters and told them that she’d “love to f***ing hit you and your little c***s.”

At this point she must be getting parenting advice from Kate Peter.

According to those who knew her this was the least surprising turn of events ever. Evidently she’s a big fan of throwing chairs when whatever guy she’s shacking up with doesn’t cook her a steak.

Does this look like the face of a woman who will allow furniture to remain in place when she doesn’t get steak and cigarettes?


She’s also a thief who beats up her boyfriends when they don’t pay for $300 hair extensions.


She allegedly steals money from cuck boy when he’s sleeping, and she likes to use the n word to threaten her enemies.


She’s been known to sit outside a woman’s house if they like a Facebook picture of whatever guy she’s sleeping with that week.



And she even has a tendency to threaten to yell rape when a guy has the good sense of leaving her.


To this day her children are not in her custody, but it’s unclear if she went to jail or was even arrested for that. In July of 2021 the Winchendon Police did charge her with assault and battery, criminal harassment, and destruction of property. Or as she called it – courtship with a new guy.


A week later she was calling out her critics for suggesting that an upstanding young lady like herself would be a prostitute, while insisting that she was a good mother who would be getting her kids back shortly.


She claims that the crib slamming thing was no big deal.


She had defenders who were pointing out how lucky any guy would be to “hit that,” and wanted to clarify that she only cheats on her man when he “wasn’t worth shit,” which is why she jumped on Tom’s Baloney Pony because “he ain’t broke.”


Turns out the haters were just jealous because Glinda Gloryhole can get D and they can’t.


Bragging about being able to “get dick,” is like bragging about becoming a state trooper when you’re banging the Lt. Colonel. It’s not exactly an accomplishment.

Shortly after that she posted a picture of herself doing what any mom would do while trying to win back custody of her children – felating a dildo.

She definitely went to jail for something though, because a few weeks ago Raw Dog Randy’s mother, who is raising her daughter, posted that she had been released.


But Krysta still hasn’t given up hope that she’ll be getting her kids back. After all, “you can go to jail for so many little things it doesn’t make you a bad parent or bad person.”


Actually, you can’t. Especially in Massachusetts.








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