Winchester Realtor Shames Cop, 3 Essential Workers For Standing 6 Feet Apart On Sidewalk Without Masks On


Katherine Waters-Clark is a a real estate agent from Winchester (hometown of Kirk Minihane), and quite possibly the white woman who has ever lived.

Some people have asked – how is the Boston Globe still in business? Simple – because Metrowest Becky’s still buy it for gift baskets, and there are hundreds of thousands of these people.

You know you’re a Becky when you wake up every day and take a picture of your morning coffee.

You know you’re a Becky when you’re such a wine and cheese crowd that you literally take pictures of yourself and other Becky’s consuming wine and cheese.

In a strange turn of events Becky is actually a power lifter too.

Didn’t see that one coming.

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Then the commie cold came and Becky turned into Karen.

She’s been wearing the mask since before it was a way for bored white people to virtue signal on social media, but she is thrilled now that Charlie Baker is making everyone wear one except for Charlie Baker.

She’s now an official deputized Karen and wasn’t happy when she saw some essential workers in town not wearing masks, even though they were socially distancing themselves. Naturally then she did what any good Karen would do – posted about it on a community Facebook page in an attempt to shame them.

Goodness. Gracious.

We are all going to DIE!!

Growing up with people like this in town it’s really no wonder why Kirk Minihane is so grumpy all the time.

Notice she shared that pearl clutching commentary using her business page, since she’s a real estate agent.

She got eviscerated and must’ve gotten a call from the company that she was a huge embarrassment so she switched over to her real page and posted it again.

That sidewalk was barely 15 feet wide, and that boarded up building was filled with customers. How could she possibly walk around them without catching the commie cold?

The townsfolk were incredibly rude to her and shockingly did not share her outrage that a police officer and three guys standing several feet apart outdoors were not wearing masks. So she went and posted to her own page instead to get the homefield echo chamber advantage.

The comments were whiter than a Pearl Jam concert in the middle of a Noreaster.

Let’s play a little game called, “You know you’re a Karen if you….”

Tell everyone you know that the Chief of Police is your good friend.

See nothing Orwellian about saying, “Governor Baker said we ALL MUST!!”

Complain about getting diseases while intentionally heading to a grocery store filled with people.

Cannot fathom how other human beings don’t alter their behavior because you’re upset.

Feel the need to put “individual rights” in quotations.

Have the luxury that the most upsetting thing you’ve ever seen in your life is other human beings without masks on.

Call other people’s legitimate criticism of your comical hysteria a “bully-fest” and ask if you reported them to the Facebook police for censoring.

Refer to police who don’t care about your white woman problems as “typical cop arrogance.”

(Hey Rich, it’s one thing when women get like this, but you need to drink a tall glass of toxic masculinity and calm down a bit. Even Brian Stelter is laughing at you.)

Believe that you can get sick from unmasked people, even though you’re wearing a mask, without seeing the logical fallacies in your thought process.

Find yourself in discussions with other Karens about your favorite kind of masks, and think that you can be protected from diseases by cutting up fabric at your house.

Associate with “muh waiver” Karens, who want people to sign waivers where they agree to die if they get the commie cold, and perceptively notice that the only men who care about masks are people like Rich.

At this point all we can do is laugh at them and do the exact opposite of what they want us to do. It’s honestly fun making them upset, so my advice is to keep refusing to wear the masks, provoke reactions like this, send it to Turtleboy, and sit back and enjoy the show. People like this deserve to be ridiculed and mocked because they think that your “individual rights” are not as important as soothing their irrational fears. Make them feel so uncomfortable that they are forced to sit in their homes, drink coffee, post on IG, and hide from the rest of society until the vaccine gets here in 2026. That way the rest of us can reclaim our world and move on with life.


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