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Witnesses On Board Block Island Ferry Covered In Blood After 45 Minute Knife Fight, Blame Police And Ferry Company For Leaving Port Despite Violence


Editor’s Note: We discussed this topic on the Live Show last night and two eyewitnesses joined the show to describe their experiences (6:10)

Yesterday a reggae festival was held on Block Island that got out of hand and several fights broke out. The bad blood continued onto the ferry, and before it could leave the dock to head back to Port Judith a knife fight broke out. Instead of clearing the ship and arresting those responsible police and ferry officials allowed the ferry to take off without any law enforcement officials on it, turning the 50 minute ride into a lawless free for all. Here’s a video of one of the many fights on Block Island, featuring one of the greatest failed haymakers of all time.


I’m so embarrassed for backpack fannypack guy. He had a WIDE OPEN shot, and the dude in the wife beater wasn’t even looking.


But then he went full Mo Vaughn as the Willie Wife Beater pulled some matrix shit out of his ass.


Were they fighting on ice or something? Homeboy was acting like he was concussed and couldn’t stand  up without falling after that.

For his sake let’s hope he was just humiliated after that swing and miss and wanted people to think he got hit in the head. Nah dude, you just whiffed. And so did this guy:


You would think that people who have obviously been in fights before would know how to fight. No wonder they all felt the need to use knives. Here they are yelling at each other on the ferry:

“Hold me back dawg!”

Luckily everyone on the boat was saved because the fat white guy in the collared shirt was there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.


One of those bootleg James Harden fellas was recorded getting perp walked on shore by Rhode Island radio personality John DePetro.


I’m 99% positive that was Kimbo Half Price from the Block Island ice skating fight video.


Police are being credited with storming the ferry like pirates from a moving vessel once the boat was 5 minutes from Port Judith.


But according to a witness on the boat who we spoke with, the ferry company and the police let everyone down.

We went to block island for the first time to enjoy the day and had a couple friends that were at the reggae festival. It was free so we went in at the end. That part was fine. When we went to leave there were like 1000 people waiting in line. We were trying to leave on the 6:45pm ferry. We we had to stand in line for 2 hours as they overloaded boat after boat. We boarded the boat, my girl and the baby sat down . I was standing. My two friends (couple) went to go see if the concession stand was open. That’s when all hell broke loose. 

The news is downplaying as like a bar fight type thing. That is NOT what happened. It was like Conair or some kind if sick movie that just kept going. The thing the other articles aren’t mentioning is that this all started before we departed. 

I was caught in the middle of the hour long knife fight with my girlfriend and baby. we were almost stabbed to death covered in blood and traumatized. The fight started before the ferry left block island the police did nothing and the ferry staff refused to let anyone off the ferry and set sail with no police or security on board. About 40 armed men were running all around the boat stabbing each other and throwing bleach in each others faces. We were all trapped in corners of the ferry huddled for protection. Then the coast guard and police boarded the ferry and proceeded to point rifles in all of our faces and didn’t ask any questions to any of us including those of us with children whose clothes were drenched in blood. 

The block island police came onto the ferry before we departed but did nothing they were on for about 5 min and arrested nobody then they left and the ferry workers stiff armed anyone trying to leave the ship . people were screaming and crying “don’t leave us trapped on here with these killers” pleading to get off. People tried to just jump off but they pulled the ship away to quickly. the block island ferry terminal was filled with state police and block island police and not one single officer would ride with us for protection. 

We were there where the video was beforehand but I had already moved my family to the back because guys kept running down the stairs. I’m not sure who they arrested. We were scared of a shootout, so we waited for a lot of people to exit. The guys involved just put towels on their heads and blended into the crowds. The ferries were WAY over capacity. This ferry company is completely negligent.

We were blessed and worked together to get out of that mess. Some of the ferry staff were very helpful and scared themselves. The main guy who forced us to stay on board wouldn’t even make eye contact with us. And of course the captain was locked on the bridge and made no announcements. They made the decision to leave the dock and force us to stay on board with these killers. 

My girlfriend is traumatized. I’m ex coast guard so I’ve been in some hairy situations in my life but she had never even been in a fist fight, let alone in the middle of 20 knives being pulled all around us out while holding a baby. They held us prisoner. The women were pleading to get off the ship. I thought when the coasties and cops boarded in Port Judith they would form a safe zone around us. Instead they just did a walk by pointed guns at us and never came back. Some of the guys involved tried to hide amongst us. 

I asked him if he felt the news reporting on this story was accurate.

Not in the articles i read. They just show the police and coast guard boarding to save the day. Then they demonize the reggae show when 99% of those people were just having a nice day. The truth is that we were completely trapped and abandoned by law enforcement and the ferry company. It could have been much much worse. 


NBC’s reporting of the events make it sound like a harmless bar fight that police quickly ended:

Seven were arrested and two individuals were hospitalized following a disturbance Monday night on the Block Island Ferry, according to the Rhode Island State Police Department. Multiple police departments responded to an incident aboard a Block Island Ferry heading from Block Island to Galilee. As a result of the disturbance, law enforcement officers boarded the ferry to secure the scene. Seven individuals were arrested and transported to the Wickford Barracks where they were arraigned in front of a justice of the peace, the department says.

The individuals arrested were identified as:

  • Michael Carvalho, 26 of Providence, was arraigned on the charge of Disorderly Conduct (Fighting/Tumultuous Behavior).
  • Laurie R. Cassandra, 30 of Providence, was arraigned on the charge of Obstructing an Officer in the Execution of Duty.
  • Chevron R. Towns, 20 of Providence, was arraigned on the charge of Weapons Other than Firearms Prohibited.
  • Abdou Njie, 37 of Pawtucket, was arraigned on the charge of Disorderly Conduct (Fighting/Tumultuous Behavior).
  • Trent Manning, 32 of Providence, was arraigned on the charge of Disorderly Conduct (Fighting/Tumultuous Behavior).
  • Deavon Silva, 20 of Pawtucket, was arraigned on the charge of Disorderly Conduct (Fighting/Tumultuous Behavior).
  • Miguel G. Silva, 36 of Pawtucket, was arraigned on the charge of Disorderly Conduct (Fighting/Tumultuous Behavior).

Interstate Navigation Company, owners of the Block Island ferry, released a message about the incident Monday night.

In full it reads:

Interstate Navigation acknowledges the poor behavior of several passengers on our departing ferry from Block Island on Monday night. As per our protocols when anticipating a heavy volume of holiday travel, added security measures were put in place with the assistance of state and local police. We thank them and are continuing to work cooperatively with law enforcement to investigate the incident in order to assure safe passage for all our valued customers.

State police say troopers were added to all scheduled ferry trips, but the vessel with the incident was not scheduled and was added to accommodate overcrowding.

I for one am SHOCKED that everyone arrested was from Providence and Pawtucket. I thought for sure we’d see some Newport residents on there.

The “incident” NBC is talking about was a 45 minute knife melee in which multiple people got stabbed and families were covered in blood. Calling it “Conair” was a pretty accurate description, considering several of the lowlifes arrested have long and documented criminal histories. Michael Carvahlo has over 30 charges against him, including multiple instances of felony assault with a firearm, carrying a gun without a license, and DUI.

Good thing the ferry company and police allowed this liquored up violent felon leave shore after a day of bum fights at Block Island.

Trent Manning also has 30 criminal charges against him involving guns, assault, vandalism, and domestic violence.


And Miguel Silva from Pawtucket can’t stop beating up his family members and getting arrested for gun related offenses either.

A Miguel Silva we found on Facebook bears a striking resemblance to Kimbo Half Price.

This entire ordeal was completely preventable because the chaos happened before the boat took off. The ferry company did nothing to “add security measures” prior to the incident, and is completely responsible for leaving the dock after violence had already broken out on board. They essentially trapped a bunch of innocent civilians on a boat full of violent convicted criminals and had them fend for themselves. I hope everyone who had to sit there in terror for 45 minutes sues them until they drown.

Tonight on the Live Show at 9 PM I will be interviewing the witness I spoke with, and anyone else who was on board is welcomed to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected]. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

P.S. Things were perfectly fine on Block Island until State Senator Tiara Mack turned it into this:


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