Woburn Black Lives Matter Activist Headed To Brown University Posts Racist “Blue Lives Don’t Matter” Video, Mother Says She’s “Fueled By Passion”


Brooklyn Manna is a recent graduate of Woburn High School heading to Brown University on a track scholarship.

She is incredibly talented on the track. Unless you’re a track junkie or long time former coach like myself it’s hard to appreciate just how dominant she is. Her times of 8.33 in the the 55 meter hurdles, 7.50 in the 55 meter dash, 5’4″ in the high jump, 39′ in the triple jump, and most impressively 19’6″ in the long jump not only make her the best female athlete in the state, but a generational talent that the school will never see again. When an athlete like this comes out for the team as a freshman you know you’re going to win a lot of meets for the next four years.

Unfortunately this is not what people will remember out her because she’s been brainwashed by black lives matter propaganda who has been led to believe that everything she says is sacrosanct, and wants to believe that she’s some sort of victim with the odds stacked against her. As we will see, this has turned into a hateful bigot.

Brooklyn’s parents are white BLM activists.

Karen Manna is constantly posting about left wing politics on her Facebook page and seems to have very little tolerance for anyone who disagrees with her.

Sometimes she jinxes herself.

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Brooklyn has been propped up by the community as the official spokesperson for black lives matter, and she acted as the Pied Piper for white people as they marched through the mean streets of diverse Woburn on June 4 to protest the Woburn Police for what they did to George Floyd.

She was the MC at the protest and around the 1:45 mark she rightfully encouraged the crowd to avoid the sort of destructive behavior that has hurt the reputation of black lives matter in many other protests.

“I wanna hear your voices, only in a positive way”

“Be mature, be professional, and let’s get the right message out to everyone.”

Good advice. Unfortunately, as we will see, she should heed her own advice.

Brooklyn has also fallen for a lot of BLM lies.

“I’m 10 times more likely to be targeted.”

No, you’re not. You’re only more likely to be “targeted” if you engage in criminal behavior. Luckily for Brooklyn life will be very easy for her. She’s talented, pleasant, attractive, black, and female. There isn’t a company or school in America that isn’t looking to diversify, and she is the ideal employee or student to help them achieve that. She is an icon with white liberals and has job security for life, something she would not have if she were just another white kid from Woburn.

Karen Manna also spoke at the protest

Instead of empowering Brooklyn she has taught her that she is a victim, and any failures or adversity she faces in life will be the fault of racist white people. Instead of teaching her that she can be anything she wants to be Karen has taught her that she will always be hampered by her identity and thus needs white saviors like Karen Manna to save her. 

Brooklyn has co-opted the language of people like Monica Cannon-Grant by referring to herself as “melanin queen.”

Her Mom recently started a racially discriminatory scholarship that only students of color are eligible for. The money was raised via GoFundMe and was widely shared around town, since Brooklyn is somewhat of a woke superstar.

Because Woburn is only 5% black a very small percentage of students will be eligible for this scholarship. The mere fact that these kids live in Woburn is a privilege white kids in Lynn, Lawrence, and Ware will never have. A quick look on Zillow shows that a small two bedroom house will run you half a million dollars.

This is why Woburn has such little diversity – they price out people of color. Then they have rallies and call the black girl in town “melanin queen” so they don’t have to feel so bad about it.

Last week Brooklyn’s true colors came out when she became aware of a blue lives matter rally in the center of Woburn and decided to disrupt it and post an angry video to Snapchat about the police and those who support them.

“Blue lives don’t f***ing matter. I don’t know no f***ing smurfs, n***a, so I don’t wanna see no f***ing blue lives matter f***ing signs, or f***ing Trump, or put more money to the f***ing police. That’s the stupidest shit I ever f***ing heard. But, we need to put more money to f***ing education for these dumbass b***es that are f***ing in the center holding Trump signs. Like, are you kidding me? And if you’re not running through the center right now yelling ‘f*** Trump’ and telling people f*** y’all blue lives don’t exist like I am, then I don’t want none of y’all.”

She also posted this on someone’s car.

Remember her quote from the BLM protest on June 4.

“I wanna hear your voices, only in a positive way”

“Be mature, be professional, and let’s get the right message out to everyone.”

What’s positive about using racial slurs?

What’s mature and professional about yelling profanities at people because you disagree with them politically?

What the “right message” that she’s trying to get across by calling those who support the police “dumb ass b***es” who “need to get a f***ing education?”

What’s positive about saying the lives of police don’t matter? That’s all blue lives matter means. It doesn’t mean black lives don’t matter. It’s just a reminder of an undeniable statistical fact that while grieving for people like George Floyd we must also not lose sight of the fact that more police officers are killed in this country every year than unarmed black men. That police officers save lives and shouldn’t be villainized because of the actions of Derek Chauvin. Nine unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019, eight of which were deemed to be justified uses of force. Forty eight cops were killed in felonious attacks in 2019, and seven of those cops were black men.

Facts matter.

If Brooklyn was 10 years older she’d probably remember that Woburn Police Officer John Maguire was shot and killed in the line of duty on the day after Christmas while responding to a jewelry store robbery. The white man who killed him had previously been sentenced to three life sentences for violent crimes, but was released on parole thanks to the sort of “criminal justice reform” that BLM is advocating for.

He had served as a cop in town without any issues for 34 years, and was likely planning on retiring shortly. But according to Brooklyn Manna his life didn’t matter because “she don’t know no f***ing smurfs.” But John Maguire’s blue life mattered to his wife and three children that he left behind, along with the men and women of the Woburn Police Department.

Many people messaged me about this video last week but I’ve had my hands full with Monica Cannon-Grant, who this talented young woman is on the path to becoming if she keeps this up. She got this way because like Monica, people are afraid to challenge members of marginalized groups for fear of being labeled as racists. Thus her behavior goes uncorrected. Her mother responded to the video several times after it started making the rounds.

Pro tip – quoting John Lewis does not make your behavior any less deplorable. John Lewis would be sickened and disgusted by this sort of racist, anti-police rhetoric.

Your daughter is not hampered by 400 years of systemic racism and oppression of black lives in any way, shape, or form. She is the benefactor of that, and receives opportunities that white students do not in an attempt to right the wrongs of the past which did not affect her. She has been given the opportunity to live in an upper middle class Boston suburb, something many poor black and white children have not. The mere fact that nothing will come of this, and that Brooklyn will go on to attend a prestigious university where everything will be provided for her, is evidence of her privilege.

“This is not about blue lives matter.”

She literally targeted the rally because it was a demonstration to affirm the value of the lives of those who wear blue to work. She could’ve just let them exercise their free speech, but because she is so consumed with anger and hatred she felt the need to disrupt, belittle, and degrade the protesters. Saying that she was “fueled by passion,” is just a way of excusing the terrible things she said. No one wants to see her fail miserably, they just don’t like being attacked for supporting police.

The protesters did not choose to “go low,” Brooklyn did. This revisionist history and excuse making from her mother is exactly why her daughter is out of control in the first place. Brooklyn likely now believes that she’s some sort of victim and will feel even more so once she sees this blog. Just like Monica Cannon-Grant she must “go high” and overcome now.

I hope Brooklyn is reading this, because she’s young and this is not the person she has to be. She needs to hear this in a respectful manner, because she could and should be better than this. I’d like to think that the person I heard at the rally is the real her, and that due to her exposure to hateful rhetoric from BLM she turned into this other person in September. The adults in her life are too cowardly to tell her that she is not a victim, and that when you say something horrible like she did the appropriate response is to apologize and make amends. Instead Karen is teaching her that she did nothing wrong. She’s just “fueled by passion,” and got a little carried away.


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