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Woke Ayanna Pressley Campaign Staffer Demands Boston Police Stop Hiring White Men To Work Details At Bruins Game


At last night’s Bruins game a woman in attendance noticed something that she felt the need to notify the world about:

Evidently white police officers are “disgusting.” And she alerted Marty Walsh, the Bruins, and the TD Garden, none of who have anything to do with hiring police officers for details at hockey games.

Of course had Michal Zahler done just a little bit of research she’d find out that detail jobs for cops are voluntary, and cops put in bids for them. Perhaps she would’ve been less offended had black and brown police officers been forced to work against their will.

This is everything that is wrong with race relations in America today. People look for something to offended by, and turn everything into a race issue. For more on her background and SJW Hunter’s colorful analysis of this situation, click here to read about it on Turtleboy Sports.

She was “ratioed” hard for that tweet, but defended herself anyway.

Assuming that black people are so infantile that they feel “unsafe” by the presence of white police officers, and that all black people think and feel the same way about everything, is a racist assumption in and of itself.

Nevertheless she persisted.

Contrary to popular opinion in social justice circles, it is in fact OK to be white.

She also campaigned for radical freshman congresswoman Ayanna Pressley.

Which I’m willing to bet made her feel like quite good inside. And on Valentine’s Day Congresswoman Pressley did a shoutout to “those who identify as women and girls” in order to recognize them for being female.

One of those people was Michal.

And as you can imagine, this made her very excited.

All that virtue signaling finally paid off.

Not surprising Michal currently works for Oxfam, a progressive multi-million dollar non-profit that gives people like her the feeling that she’s making a difference in the world. She attended the private and expensive American University, and she campaigned for Hillary Clinton for one month where she made $2,375.

But someone should tell Michal that being outraged by the site of white police officers at a Bruins game doesn’t make her virtuous. It makes her racist and divisive, and I would urge her to stop trying so hard and just kind of enjoy life.


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