Woke State Rep Dylan Fernandes Is Furious That Ron DeSantis Sent 50 Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard 


Last night America’s Governor Ron DeSantis sent a chartered flight of 50 undocumented migrants to Martha’s Vineyard since the overwhelmingly progressive island stands with refugees and immigrants.

This is a win-win. States like Texas, Florida, and Arizona are flooded with illegal immigrants and they don’t have the resources to house and employ them all. As fate would have it northern states like Massachusetts are filled with people who have “immigrants are welcome here” signs in their yards, and overwhelmingly support the open borders policy that’s causing this. Martha’s Vineyard is about to have a whole lot of open housing since the summer is ending, and the people who live there are mostly wealthy,  so I can’t think of a better place to send these fine people.

But apparently they’re freaking out.

Oh no, 50 new people are here and they don’t speak English! Call in the National Guard for this humanitarian crisis!

This is State Representative Dylan Fernandes.

He’s an ultra-progressive spoiled brat from Falmouth who we blogged about in 2017 after discovering some disturbingly racist, homophobic, and sexist Facebook posts.


I’ve been told by people like Dylan Fernandes that I am a racist. If we’re being perfectly honest though, I can’t ever recall the word “niglet” ever being a part of my vocabulary. Dylan ended up blaming Turtleboy for those posts:

“I would venture to say that most people regret, as I do, the ignorant things they said as teenagers, but my generation has the particular misfortune of having those conversations on social media. It comes as no surprise that alt-right bloggers are attacking me, given my professional background working in civil rights and protecting the most vulnerable.” he added.

I do regret a lot of things from when I was 19, but being openly racist isn’t one of them. But yea, the “alt right bloggers attacking you” are the bad guys here. The racist, politically connected boy from Falmouth whose parents got him a job with Elizabeth Warren so that he could become a lifelong politician at the age of 26, is the good person here.

Dylan frequently posts about how all immigrants are welcome in his community. He wants to give them driver’s licenses and allow them to start voting so that people like him can avoid getting real jobs.


One would assume Dylan would be thrilled with and thankful to Governor DeSantis for this small gesture of 50 illegal immigrants in his district. At first he seemed thrilled at his documented his ferry ride to Oak Bluffs.

The more immigrants on MV the stronger it gets. You heard the man Governor DeSantis – keep the planes coming!

However, once he got to the island his tone quickly changed.

What seems to be the problem Dylan? Is “immigrants are welcome here” just a yard sign, or are they actually welcomed there? Surely you wouldn’t invite millions of people from other countries to come here if we didn’t have an oversupply of housing and jobs. That would be cruel. I know one house in your district that has PLENTY of extra bedrooms.

They can chill there and hang out with John Legend for about 9 more years until climate change swallows it into the ocean.

Dylan is now calling this “evil and inhumane,” and “f***ing depraved.”

Dude, stop crapping on Martha’s Vineyard! It’s a nice place. Inhumane would be sending them to a third world country. Like Los Angeles or New Bedford. Good Christians would want what is best for these people. Surely you wouldn’t want these fine folks to live in racist and oppressive states like Texas and Florida.

Then his tone quickly changed again as he started making new friends and throwing up gang signs with his homies.

Why are they always able bodied young men?

Anyway, he solved the problem real quick.

They gave them food and a free place to stay for the night. Problem solved! They can chill on cots for a day or two while they apply for the ample amount of Section 8 housing in Edgartown.

Dylan clearly wants Governor DeSantis to send more because he’s so compassionate.

Excellent news! Although I hope this is permanent and not temporary. Giving them food and shelter for a couple nights before sending them to some hellhole like Brockton is gonna make these people realize that Venezuela wasn’t so bad after all.

This morning he was back at it.

Must’ve missed all the pictures of the children.

Gotta give it to this guy though:

If you’re gonna come here illegally and you want free stuff from liberals, just make it clear that you plan to vote for them in November. Remember though…..

These are human beings, and they shouldn’t be photographed by Dylan so he can virtue signal on social media and grab cheap political points. Communists never use human beings to score cheap political points.

This is Jessica Mason from the island town of Chilmark.

She graduated from Brown, Georgetown AND Harvard, and has worked for Harvard and a bunch of nonprofits. Her and her husband bought a million dollar home back in 2016.

The Vineyard is a great place to buy a home if you’re already wealthy and invest in nonprofits for a living.

Jessica recently started her own nonprofit/co-op called Island Eats MV. Don’t let the name fool you though, because they don’t plan on feeding anyone. It’s just a thing rich white liberals can join to fight climate change by only sending them to restaurants that refuse to use paper and plastic throwaway containers. That’s what equity and justice look like.


Jessica is worried about the whopping 50 migrants who just showed up on her exclusive island because unlike border towns Martha’s Vineyard has a massive housing crisis, limited services, and you have to be able to afford a million dollar house to live there.

If NIMBY had a mascot, it would be Jessica Mason. Everyone knows that small towns on the Rio Grande River are filled with cheap housing, jobs, and healthcare. She’s all for those communities being flooded with uninvited, unexpected migrants, just not her’s though. I mean, what do you expect? Rich people to let poor people sleep in their homes?

They got rid of all the poor people 3-5 years ago!

It really is amazing how easily communists take the bait. Was this

This is why Ron DeSantis is the best Governor in the country, and hopefully our future President. He’s not woke, he’s based. His state is the most desired state for productive, law abiding people to move to because he lets people be free and doesn’t allow public schools to become communist indoctrination camps. He focuses on issues that people actually care about, and can make people like Dylan Fernandes look like the hypocrites they are better than anyone else. It’s why we sell these awesome shirts and gear in the Turtleboy store.

Was this politics? Of course. But guess what? Dylan Fernandes and Jessica Moon took the bait and reacted exactly how Republicans knew they would.


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