Woman Alleges Racism, Vows Legal Action Against Nurses After Causing A Scene, Getting Kicked Out Of Taunton Hospital By Police 


The last thing healthcare workers need right is a woman who wants to buy a vowel causing a scene that requires the Taunton Police to remove her from Morton Hospital. But that seems to be what happened yesterday to Tyesha Lyttle.

I wasn’t there to witness any of this, so I can’t confirm that any of is happened. However, after going through the “are you a ratchet” questionnaire, her story suddenly became less credible:

  • Have you ever demanded a nurse give you their name by citing a law you possibly misinterpreted on the Google machine?  
  • Have you ever used the phrase, “showing the security by law” in an attempt to explain to security officers why you shouldn’t be removed from a building?
  • Have you ever whipped out your phone and began taping a nurse in a hospital?
  • Have you ever made up a Jussie-esque accusation alleging that a nurse said in front of a group of other healthcare workers that, “black people phones are their best friends”?
  • Have you ever cited HIPAA in a vain attempt to avoid removal from a hospital?
  • Have you ever required six Taunton police officers to throw you out of a hospital?
  • Have you ever used dog filter?

  • Have you ever threatened to file a civil complaint after getting kicked out of a hospital?

  • Have you ever posted on international woman’s day that you “support melanin nurses” while using duckface, so as to make it clear that you may not support white nurses?

  • Do you refer to the National Anthem as “them people song,” in reference to white people?

  • Are you a grown woman who still listens to Jam’n 94.5?

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions then you may be a ratchet, and I don’t believe anything you post on Facebook without evidence. Just sayin.


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