Woman Behind Lynn Murder-Suicide That Left 4 Dead Was Afghan Refugee, Posted On Facebook That Brother In Law And Father Were Abusive Hours Before Shooting


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Yesterday in Lynn 4 people were killed in a mid-afternoon murder suicide.

Four people died Tuesday in a murder-suicide that spanned three crime scenes, officials said. Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said Lynn police responded to 98 Rockaway St. shortly before 2:55 p.m. after receiving a report of shots fired in the area Police found two men, ages 34 and 66, at the scene who died of apparent gunshot wounds.

One Lynn resident said she heard more than 20 gunshots in the neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

“After three minutes, over 20 shots — one after another one,” she said. “This is when I went, literally, on the floor because it was shots.”

Blodgett said an initial investigation determined that a 31-year-old woman was a potential suspect. Shortly after 4:25 p.m., the woman was found dead inside her vehicle in the parking lot of the Stop & Shop grocery store at 35 Washington St. Authorities determined that she died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Stop & Shop is less than a mile away from the shooting scene on Rockaway Street. Blodgett said investigators later found a man dead inside a vehicle that was parked outside 44 Laighton St., which is less than a mile away from the Rockaway Street shooting scene and less than half a mile away from the Stop & Shop shooting scene.

She killed her brother in law, her father, and an unknown third man before turning the gun on herself.

Honestly, if what she’s saying is true then I almost consider this woman a hero, her father and brother in law deserved exactly what was coming to them, and the world is a better place without them. 

She says that she did what she did because she didn’t want her sister’s children to grow up as she and her sister did – witnessing domestic violence and being taught that its OK. She sacrificed her own life so that her sister could be free. Those kids no longer have to witness traumatizing domestic violence and think that it’s normal.

I can’t even begin to imagine the mental state of a person who did what this woman did either. Clearly she had issues that were the result of her upbringing and things that she witnessed. To see this as the only way to protect yourself, your sister, and your nieces and nephews shows how helpless she felt.

Here’s an idea – maybe we shouldn’t be welcoming in refugees from countries where women are treated like property without vetting them first. If they’re coming here to get away from that lifestyle I get that. But don’t flee your shithole country because it’s backwards, and then come to our country and bring your backwards customs and traditions with you. If you believe that your daughter’s husband should be chosen by her father, or that it’s OK for a man to strike his wife if she’s no sufficiently obedient to him, then you can’t come into this country. Go home and get killed by the Taliban because you’re not welcome here.

Also, why is the United States the de facto country that refugees have to go to? This woman seems to have vacationed in the neighboring country of Tajikistan, which looks a national park with better food.

It’s a country that’s 96% Muslim, and I’m sure it has a culture that’s a lot more conducive to the lifestyle this woman’s father was trying to lead, so why not go there? Lynn has enough problems already, the last thing we need to be is importing more from Afghanistan.


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