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Woman Charged With Killing 3 Dogs After Leaving Them In Car On 100 Degree Day Has Been Casting Judgment For Others On Facebook, Hypocritical Supporters Demand Her Release


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There is no reason to bring your dog with you while you run errands. Ever. I don’t care if your car can blast AC when it’s not turned on. Your dogs would much rather be wandering around your house than cramps in an air conditioned car. Plus, too much can go wrong, as we saw in Rhode Island this past weekend.

A Jamestown woman accused of leaving her dogs in a hot car, causing their deaths, appeared in Newport District Court on Friday. Supporters say 65-year-old Ann Garnett is a dedicated animal advocate and they feel this was a tragic accident. Garnett faces three counts of confinement of an animal to a motor vehicle and three counts of unnecessary cruelty an animal. The latter are felonies.

“The police department of Jamestown should’ve taken her and said this is a tragedy and supported her,” said Pebbles Wadsworth, a friend of Garnett’s.

Police said Garnett’s three dogs were left in her car in 90-degree weather Sunday while she went into McQuade’s Marketplace, a small grocery store. Friends claim Garnett left the air conditioning on, but police said it wasn’t working. In court, prosecutors said the dogs were in the car for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Friends say she’s a longtime animal advocate.

“She has rescued hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dogs that would have been put down,” Wadsworth said.

Many people came to Garnett’s arraignment in support, that the courtroom reached capacity, leaving some waiting outside. Among those who attended, former Jamestown animal control officer Cathy Gregory.

“She is not a villain,” Gregory said. “She’s already suffering enough. She has been brutalized on social media. She has been brutalized by total strangers.”

Garnett has been free since Sunday, and she walked back out of court into the arms of dozens of supporters. As part of her bail conditions she must surrender two dogs and three cats that she still owns while the case is pending. 

“I don’t believe that this was intentional,” Gregory said. “It was a pure accident.”

Part of me initially felt bad for this woman. She’s dedicated much of her life to helping dogs find homes, and clearly has the support of the animal community.

But that’s also what makes it even more egregious – she knew better. And she didn’t just leave the dogs in the car while she ran in and picked up a couple things. She was in there for nearly two hours. I don’t care if your car has automatic AC, there is way too much that could go wrong with it in two hours. Would she ever subject her to two hours in a car with the AC on, knowing that if the AC broke she would be unable to open a door or turn it back on? This is dog owning 101 stuff. Hope her organic soy yogurt was worth it.

This wasn’t just some 75 degree day either. It was nearly 100 degrees; the hottest day of the year. And she chose to bring not one, not two, but three dogs that she “rescued” with her while she went grocery shopping. Because God forbid they exist without her for two hours.

All this support she’s getting makes me sick too. It’s one thing to be there for someone when they get arrested. It’s a completely different thing when you blame the police for arresting the person you care about, and demand that charges against them be dropped. She had a woman named Pebbles Wadsworth speak on her behalf.

Pebbles. Wadsworth. From the arts center. That sounds like a fictional villain from a Dickens novel.

And for what it’s worth, I think it’s safe to assume from Anne Garnett’s Facebook posts that if you or I were ever arrested for the same crime, she would be one of the first people to cast judgement on you.

Being a democrat is one thing. Getting your news from Occupy Democrats and sharing their divisive, misleading rhetoric means you subscribe to their judgmental, holier than thou approach towards anyone who harbors any sort of conservative opinions. That Facebook group is cancer.

This woman has the nerve to post memes about the evils of Chik-Fil-A, and tell people who go there that they are supporting hate, because she disagreed with a political action group the CEO of said chicken joint gave money to 10 years ago. She has the gall to complain that humans are destroying the planet due to global warming, while she kills three dogs. This woman routinely judges people who she thinks are lesser than her, so no, I feel no pity for her.

The most hypocritical part of this whole story is that the people who are showing up to support her subscribe to the philosophy that our judicial system is systemically racist. They bemoan the fact that black and brown people get locked up for crimes that white people allegedly don’t get locked up for, because white people can use their white privilege to get out of anything. And now here they are showing up to support a white woman charged with a serious crime, they’re blaming the police, and demanding charges against her be dropped. I’m sure they’d defend a black person for something similar, but in order to do that they’d have to live in a town that has black people in it. They’ve chosen to live in one of the whitest, wealthiest towns in New England. If systemic racism is real it’s because of hypocrites like them.


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