Woman In Chelmsford Area Posts Pictures Of Herself On IG Sabotaging Hunter’s Tree Stand, Equally Horrible New Hampshire Man Sends Vulgar DMs To Woman He Wrongly Thinks Is Her


Tampering with a hunter’s tree stand is both hunter harassment and against the law, even in Communist Massachusetts. Hunting is a well regulated right and necessity in order to prevent overpopulation and car accidents. Tampering with a tree stand can get someone hurt, including kids who go hunting with their parents. It’s like cutting the brakes on a gas guzzling truck because you don’t think it’s good for the environment. So if you’re going to tamper with a hunter’s tree stand it’s best not to broadcast it to the world on social media like this genius did:

Wicked smart. But if you don’t post yourself committing a crime on social media then how will people know what a hero you are? Wait till she finds out where her leather bag came from.

Her position on animals is that mothers in the wild should never die, which begs the question – what is her position on coyotes and predators in general? Shouldn’t we be exterminating them because it’s unfair to squirrel moms? I guess the animal lives matter movement is kind of like black lives matter – their lives only matter when they’re killed by white guys and cops. Animal on animal crime is cool though.

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This has been posted in various hunting groups on Facebook and no one knows who she is. According to sources it’s somewhere in the Chelmsford area, and I’d bet she was around there and going for a walk in the woods when she stumbled upon it. Thus why I am officially making her TB famous. If you know who she is, please send me a DM on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]. If she still has active social media then screenshot everything first, because odds are it’s all coming down soon. She posted this on social media because she wanted attention, so I’m giving her exactly what she wanted.

Screenshots of her post were posted in a hunting group by a woman to see if anyone knew who she was. Unfortunately some people out there are incapable of reading or following directions, and thus mistakingly thought the poster was the girl in the photo, trying to doxx herself. One of these people is Jamie Argue from Hampton Falls, NH.

As you can see he’s into fish selfies, which is the white trash equivalent of flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats, 100 emojis, and dog filters. Here’s the message he mistakingly sent to the woman who he thought was the woman in the picture.

“May your weathered, pulverized a**hole ease the suffering of good men who actually care about bettering our society.”

He woke up at 3:55 AM to send her that. He continued….

Welp, looks like I found Bret Killoran’s long lost cousin. Calling someone vile after after telling them that you hope a bunch of guys climax inside them “balls deep,” and before telling them to “bend over and spread your vulgar, raunchy vegan p***y towards the sky so you can get a sense of homemade NH venison sausage splitting you wide open and showing you what a real man looks like,” is all the irony I can handle in one day.

Finally he ended the love note by telling this woman that he planned to fill her daughter up with his raw dog relish.

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His family must be so proud.

Anyway, he sucks too. But let’s not forget that the purpose of this blog was to identify the woman who thought it would be cool to sabotage someone else’s tree stand because she’s a nudnik who doesn’t understand that allowing the animal population to carry on unregulated is one of the cruelest things you can do to animals.


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