Woman Says She Was Lit On Fire By White Nationalists At Stop Light, Can’t Remember Intersection


An 18 year old Madison, WI woman named Althea Bernstein was allegedly attacked and set on fire by white nationalists yelling racial slurs who were lying in wait for her at 1 AM Wednesday morning.


Let’s review the facts of the case to see if we can figure out who the monsters were that did this.

Madison 365An 18-year-old Black woman says she was attacked with lighter fluid and flame early Wednesday morning by white men yelling racial slurs. She sustained second- and third-degree burns. Althea Bernstein works as an EMT while studying to be a paramedic and firefighter. She says she was on her way to her brother’s house at around 1 am Wednesday when she reached a stoplight on Gorham Street near State Street in downtown Madison. She doesn’t remember for sure which intersection it was.

“I was listening to some music at a stoplight and then all of a sudden I heard someone yell the N-word really loud,” she said in an interview Wednesday. “I turned my head to look and somebody’s throwing lighter fluid on me. And then they threw a lighter at me, and my neck caught on fire and I tried to put it out, but I brushed it up onto my face. I got it out and then I just blasted through the red light …  I just felt like I needed to get away. So I drove through the red light and just kept driving until I got to my brother and Middleton.”

A police incident report says the assailants used a spray bottle to spray lighter fluid on her face.

She was just driving along and she came to a stop light at an intersection, but she doesn’t know what intersection that was. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere a white guy starts calling her the n word, before using a spray bottle to spray light fluid on her face, and then lit her face on fire by “throwing a lighter” at her. Because I know when I want to light something on fire I throw the lighter, rather than lighting it. Evidently in Wisconsin the lighters you purchase there don’t require you to hold onto the fuel button in order to maintain the flame. You can just throw lighters at people and the flame magically doesn’t go out.

Makes sense.

Did she get a good look at the guy who did it?

She said she’s reasonably certain it was four white men who “looked like classic Wisconsin frat boys … Two of them were wearing all black, and then the other two were wearing jeans and a floral shirt,” she said. She said the way they walked made her think they were intoxicated.

There’s four of them now, and they looked like the stereotypical white antagonists in every Lifetime movie ever. These four Wisconsin frat boys, two of who were wearing the same exact jeans and floral shirt outfit, just happened to be lying in wait at that exact intersection, which she doesn’t remember. Their big plan was to wait for the first car they saw with an open window and a black person inside, bust out their lighter fluid spray bottle, and throw a lighter at her, causing her face to ignite.

She said she was aware that protests had been happening, but wasn’t participating. Protests following the arrest of Yeshua Musa were just winding down at around 1 am Wednesday.

Protests for Yeshua Musa? What did he do to get arrested?

He went inside a restaurant with a megaphone and a bat calling customers racist, lecturing people that Jesus’ real name was Horace, swearing like a trucker, dropping n bombs, and announcing that “I’m disturbing the s*** out of this restaurant and I am carrying a bat.”

Nothing threatening or potentially dangerous about black Negan doing that in a privately owned restaurant. I blame his arrest on systemic racism.

In recent weeks, far-right counter-protesters have attended and disrupted Black Lives Matter protests wearing Hawaiian-style floral shirts.

The assailants in the Hawaiian shirts fit the profile of “far right counter protesters.” Must be white nationalists then.

Where did she go after she got her face burnt at a stoplight?

Bernstein said she was able to drive to her brother’s and back home without significant pain because she was in shock — something she sees in other people regularly.

“I’ve had patients in shock and I know what shock is based on the textbook,” she said. “It’s so incapacitating, you don’t even realize what’s going on. My brain still got me home and my brain still got me to call my mom. I just remember my face was bleeding.”

Bernstein said her mother told her to call their health care provider, and the nurses on the line there told her she should call an ambulance.

“They were just like, ‘Wait a minute. Will you say that again? What’s happening?’ I was like, yeah, I got a little toasted,” she said.

She opted to drive herself to the UW Hospital emergency department rather than call for an ambulance as the nurses had suggested. Once there, she had to go through a decontamination routine to get the lighter fluid off her skin, as it was continuing to burn her.

She drove to her brother’s house, then to her mother’s house, and finally she called the hospital and they told her to call an ambulance but she drover herself there instead?

Yes, this all adds up.

“There was this guy and he washed my hair and scrubbed my back. And I was like, ‘Okay, this is not that bad. I’m going to have to come here more often for a shower,’” she said.

Glad to see she was so laid back and jovial after such a horrific event.

Did she call the police?

Bernstein said she was advised not to contact police right away “because I was high as a kite” on pain medication. She finally got home at around 6:00 Wednesday morning and called police later in the day. She said she was told they wouldn’t be able to take a statement because they were too busy preparing for protests, but that they would investigate. 

Negative. But it’s not her fault, the nurses told her not to. She told them that four white nationalists literally lit her on fire and they were like, “don’t call the cops.” And neither did they. Finally when she did call later on to report this horrific hate crime the cops told her that they couldn’t help her yet because they were too busy planning their counter attack on BLM protesters. Ya got that? The entire police force in a city of 258K people was too busy to help the victim of a serious hate crime during a time of heightened racial tensions.

Luckily she’s forgiven her attackers and pitched BLM.

She struck a forgiving tone for the men who attacked her.

“I think everyone deserves a chance to improve. I hope they feel bad and make a change,” she said. “I’m glad it was me, and not someone like a pregnant woman, or a child, or someone who doesn’t have the health care that I do or the support system that I do.”

Rather than donate to support her directly, she said she wants people to “sign the petitions. Support the movement. Support Black lives.”

What are the odds that this random woman they decided to attack while waiting at the stoplight would be an active BLM protester?

The media is printing her story as fact, because no one has ever made up a hate crime for attention before. Ever. GMA had her on to discuss the horrific event today.

Interesting how the burns all happened in isolated places, and it never spread to her hair or eye brows.

Thots and shares.

I’m glad the world is taking notice of this horrific attack and the police are using their full resources to find out who did this, as soon as they find out what intersection it took place at. When the white frat boys are found they will be arrested and charged, as they should be. Now it would be great if this white Macy’s employee, who was attacked and viciously beaten by a Michigan man as he begged for mercy, could get the same sort of attention from law enforcement.

They know his name and the attack was on video. His assailant made up a lie that he was called the n word, and Macy’s investigated that and found out that that never happened. So a black guy beat the crap out of a white guy for no reason and then slandered him, which would make this a slam dunk case. Except the prosecutor isn’t charging him.

I for one am shocked that the elected democrat who regularly shares anti-Trump stuff on Twitter needs additional info. It’s not like the whole thing was caught on tape or anything. Maybe if the Macy’s employee was a black woman and the attacker was a white man in a Hawaiian shirt he’d have a chance at getting justice.


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