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Woman Shares $20K GoFundMe In Winchendon Facebook Group After Claiming House Burned Down, Gets Mad When People Ask Questions And Allege Meth Fire In 2014


This is Rachel Tylenda from Ashby.

If “I’m one class away from finishing my GED” had a face.

Of all the men in the world she decided that this man would be the best choice to impregnate her.

If Meth University had a mascot it would be Robert Cote.

Rachel posted this the other day, which seems to indicate that she’s currently pregnant.

Although that’s unclear, since she posted a GoFundMe in a Winchendon Facebook group yesterday, claiming that her one month old daughter and boyfriend were now homeless because their house burned down two weeks ago.

$20K?? Waiting on maternity leave to “kick in?” And you’re staying a hotel for $100 a night with no assistance? Sounds legit.

Some people offered to give them bottles and diaper bags, which she for some reason didn’t need.


Just give her money. Doesn’t this look like a face you can trust?


Others had questions, such as “where was your house that burned down?” For some reason she didn’t say, and she posted a link that went nowhere. According to her she didn’t have time to figure out how to post a link to the fire that destroyed her life.

Then she said it was in Ashby, which is two towns over from Winchendon, and she was only posting in this group because her girlfriend Raven told her to.


She couldn’t believe that people were questioning this complete stranger’s request for $20,000 for losing a home at a location she couldn’t remember.

Just shut up and share the link.

She started going at it with the skeptical townsfolk and offered to post pictures of her semen demon for proof.

She kept mentioning her newborn baby, but she hasn’t posted any pictures of her on Facebook. She has, however, posted pictures of her other kid from 2015, who seems to have mysteriously disappeared from her life.

It appears as if someone went to the Kate Peter school of parenting.

She tagged her girl Raven for some moral support, because she says it was Raven’s idea to share it in the Winchentucky group.

They both claimed that the Salvation Army and Red Cross only offer donations, not cash. Which is too bad, because these are definitely people who look like they can be trusted with cash.

By this point pretty much everyone assumed it was a scam, so Rachel decided that the more she spewed sentagraphs out of her ball washer, the more people would be likely to believe her.

Oh, and she forgot to mention that this is the second time her home burned down, except last time she mentioned having multiple children.

There was a link to a story about a fire in Ashby on November 4. However, it says that the male that was rescued was sent to his relative’s home.

As Ashby Firefighters worked to extinguish the flames, Officer Denis transported the male who had been on the third floor to a relative’s home, and returned to provide support to the remaining residents on-scene.

And now they’re saying that they have nowhere to stay because their closest family lives hours away.

Yup, this story checks out.

Oh, and the Red Cross did help the residents out.

The home was determined to be uninhabitable, and the American Red Cross responded to provide support for the affected residents.

They didn’t mention who the residents were, so it quite possibly could’ve been them. It’s also possible they saw this fire and used it as an excuse to raise funds for crack money. Although they don’t look like the type at all.

Rachel also said that no one would ever try to scam someone on GoFundMe, thus further leading people to believe that this was in fact a scam.

I don’t know for sure that they’re scamming. But when you’re trying to ask strangers for $20K the burden is on you to prove that you’re telling the truth. You posted a picture of yourself pregnant a few days ago:

You guys look like crackheads (no offense), you’re getting all defensive when people ask questions, you couldn’t even say where the fire was at first, you had to call in backup to defend you, your story about maternity leave money from the job you haven’t told anyone about doesn’t make sense, you’re turning down offers for baby goods, and for some reason you’re staying at a hotel even though the unnamed person in the Ashby fire has family close by.

But yea, people asking questions are the problem here.



Raven was all over that.

Hey Raven, if they’re your friends why don’t you let them stay with you for a little bit? It would only be temporary until they got back on their feet and the maternity leave cash started coming in, right?

Plus, aren’t they renters? If they owned the home they’d have insurance. If they’re renting then you just rent a new place. What do you need $20K for? They also never said how the fire started. According to commenters the 2014 fire occurred in nearby Baldwinville at a place they were renting, and the cause was….

Meth. Never saw that one coming.


Of course we don’t know that for sure, and these two certainly do NOT look like the type to accidentally burn down someone else’s home in a meth fire.

Rachel denied the meth fire allegations and blamed Ernie’s (whoever that is) ex-girlfriend who stabbed him and barged into their place and before lighting it up.










Yes dear, the more you type the more people will believe you. Keep going, you’re doing great!


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