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Woman Who Attacked Rayla Campbell’s Family, Kicked Unconscious Man, Sucker Punched Woman Identified As 29 Year Old Howard Journalism Student Brittany McCalister 


Yesterday I published a blog about Rayla Campbell and her kids getting attacked in Washington DC by the BLM and Antifa infantry while trying to leave the Million MAGA March. Although I criticized Rayla for bringing her kids to the event, clearly BLM is more at fault and her children were victimized by them. Luckily we’ve identified one of them.

At the end of the video this woman appears and starts screaming at Rayla.

Her name is Brittany McCallister, and she’s a 29 year old journalism student at Howard University in DC. In other words, she’s almost 30 and has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up, and on the weekends she riots with her Antifa friends and attacks children.

But it was far from her only violent incident that weekend. Here she is shortly before that incident punching a woman wearing a MAGA hat in the back of the head while she was walking away.

Here’s another video of her running up and kicking a man who was just cold clocked and laying motionless on the ground.

Pro tip – if you plan on committing multiple felonies in broad daylight, don’t wear bright yellow pants. It’s really easy to tie you from one crime to the next, even with the magical mask on your face.

Brittany has taken all of her social media down, but unfortunately for her screenshots are forever.

As you can see, she lived a horrible life of oppression growing up in one of the most expensive places to live in the country.

Earlier in the day she gave a speech about how the Trump supporters were fascist, while actively taking part in a violent mob that assaulted women and children because of their political beliefs.

It’s not her first time getting violent either, to the surprise of nobody. Five years ago she was arrested with beating up her father, but at least she had a really good excuse.

Daddy cooked her steak wrong. Does this look like the kind of woman who will stand by and allow you to undercook her steak?

No melanin adjacent colored steak allowed!

I’d like to thin that Brittany is going to have a tough time finding a job in journalism now that she’s been revealed to be a violent criminal sociopath. But she was wearing a mask and her politics are right, so it’s safe to say that CNN won’t be throwing out her resume. Until then she’ll always have her blog, which apparently she can’t remember the password for so it remains up on WordPress.


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