Woman Who Spit On And Assaulted A Disabled Woman On MBTA Was Allegedly Turned In By Her Mother 


The MBTA Police have arrested 20 year old Joanna Drafahl of South Boston for assault and battery after sharing her picture on Friday. On July 31 Drafahl spit on and attacked a disabled person on the MBTA in Harvard Square. She was reported to have been identified by her own mother, who she is allegedly estranged from.

If Meth Mile had a face.

This is what happens in a city that basically permits and encourages drug use in a highly congested area. They get the “disease,” we tell them it’s not their fault, they make no steps towards recovery, and innocent people in wheelchair get attacked so that activists can feel good about themselves.

Going to jail is the best thing that could happen to this woman, because the alternative is going back to Ayanna Pressley’s district for the state sanctioned injection sites and free healthcare at BMC. Any loving parent would’ve done the same thing that her mother allegedly did by turning her in.

It’s hardly her first run in with the law either.

Robbery, A&B, drug possession on Boylston Street. It’s not her fault though, she’s got the “disease.”

According to her Facebook page (Lily Rose) she’s pretty familiar with Meth Mile.

When you become the meme…..

Her Facebook page is filled with the usual stuff for people who end up on TB Daily News – dog filters, non-ironic use of BAE and 100 emojis, blunt selfies, “self employed status,” Newports, and her big Tuesday plans of getting drunk on the beach in order to throw rocks at seagulls (probably).


When the Red Roof in has two for one night.

She’s only 20 years old, which means her Google trophy collection will grow exponentially from here. This is what happens when we encourage drug use in a city by handing out clean needles to addicts and reviving them with Narcan with no strings attached.


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