Woman Who Spread Goddaughter’s Viral BYU-Duke Race Hoax Loses Election To Become Tarrant County Judge


A candidate to be a judge in Fort Worth named Lesa Pamplin, who sparked controversy by spreding a completely made up story that her goddaughter was the victim of racial abuse while playing volleyball for Duke in a game against BYU, has lost her election to become a Tarrant County Judge. Turtleboy Daily News first reported that Lesa Pamplin’s goddaughter Rachel Richardson was never called the n word during a televised game by analyzing the 2 hour game tape, and speaking with students who attended the game. She lost with 46% of the vote – slightly less than Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke received in the same county.


Pamplin posted on Twitter that her defeat is “not the end of my fight for democracy, truth, and justice.”

Her fight for democracy was achieved, since the voters elected the more qualified candidate. But clearly she didn’t care about the truth since she has a long and documented history of spreading disinformation (possibly Russian disinformation) that directly harmed innocent people. Perhaps voters were turned off by the fact that she displayed an abhorrent lack of judgment while trying to become a judge. Or maybe it was the fact that she was exposed as an overtly racist liar.

We also were the first to report that Pamplin had also falsely accused a judge of being racist after being duped by a fake email.

A black defense attorney who wanted a Tarrant County district judge taken off her cases for being “racist,” withdrew her motion for recusal Thursday. The move came after nearly a full day’s worth of testimony in Dallas, where a state district judge heard evidence to decide whether Tarrant County State District Judge Elizabeth Berry should be recused from hearing defense attorney Lesa Pamplin’s cases. Berry was accused of sending a racist e-mail to her court reporter in which she called another court reporter a racial epithet. In testimony Thursday, everyone agreed that the e-mail was a fake, it did not come from Berry’s computer, and she didn’t have anything to do with the document. After hearing the result of the Tarrant County district attorney’s office investigation, Pamplin agreed that the allegations against Berry were not true.

“As an African-American attorney, I had a duty to my clients to make sure that it is not true. … The e-mail is a fake, and I would like to withdraw my motion to recuse,” Pamplin told the court.

The media blindly repeated Pamplin’s second hand story accusing the entire BYU student body of racism, which led to South Carolina Women’s Basketball Coach Dawn Staley cancelling a game with them this season. An innocent autistic man ended up getting banned from all future BYU events in an attempt to appease the nationwide woke mob that had descended on Provo. The alleged incident prompted the police and BYU to thoroughly investigate the allegations, and came to the conclusion that Richardson made the whole thing up. The falsely accused student received an apology and his ban was lifted. However, Duke University and many in the mainstream media like Duke alum Jay Bilas, stood by Richardson despite having knowledge that she lied.

The whole affair proved that the more boxes you check off, the more privileged and protected you will be. Rachel Richardson lied, and everyone knows it, but as a white man Jay Bilas was not allowed to point this out. He knew she made it all up but had to continue to stand by the young black woman because he’s lower on the caste system than she is.

Luckily the voters in Tarrant County rejected Pamplin’s divisive, racist rhetoric. I wouldn’t have wanted to be a falsely accused defendant in her courtroom. The sad part is that 265,000 people voted for her anyway because she had a D next to her name. Had she been on the ballot in Massachusetts she would’ve won easily. Maybe someday we will reach the point where integrity and competence matters more to voters than partisan politics.


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