Women In Charlestown Projects Involved In Physical Encounter While Unknown Man Coach’s Fighter To Gouge Eyes, Call Himself Racial Slur, Strikes Woman With Bottle


It’s summer time, and the ratchets in the Charlestown projects are in heat, as was evidenced this week when two women got into a physical confrontation while a local man drinking a Miller High Life out of a paper bag coached one of them, urged her to gouge the other woman’s eyeballs out, and then smashed the High Life over the woman’s head after she beat another woman with a stick.

As you can see, mating season in Charlestown has officially begun.

Part 1:

New rule – every junkie white chick fight must have play by play done by a black man with an iPhone. It makes it so much better.

This gentleman right here has clearly never left the Charlestown projects, nor does he have any desire to.

He knows he’s not making it to 50, so he’ll do what he damn pleases until he runs out of Obamacare and drinks himself into a coma. I’ve never seen a man so obsessed with eye gouging before.

“Throw the f***ing hook. Take her f***ing eye out. Take it out. Take it out with your thumb. Take her f***ing eyeball out. Kick her in the f***ing c***.”

“Shut the f*** up you fucking junkie losahh”

His fighter even wore her gouging thong for the occasion too.

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That woman right there was trained by Coach Crackroach to do one thing and one thing alone in street fights – take her opponent’s eye(s) out. She effectively used her low center of gravity, along with her gravitational pull, to gain leverage and push the Fentalope into the car, and go immediately for the eyes.

Obviously this was over something really important, like whose turn it was to provide Diego with oral stimulation in return for discounted crack rock.

Coach Crackroach wanted White Trashley to take out the Fentalope’s eye balls because eventually the fupa factor would work to her her disadvantage.

Once the Fentalope got ahold of White Trashley’s hair and put her in the hoodrat helicopter it was game over, and Coach Cockroach knew that.

Good night.

Didn’t matter to Coach though, because he wasn’t done until he could fight someone.

“Bring anyone down here for me and I will eat them for dinnah”

Have to admire the fact that this man was able to coach like that while ripping a butt and drinking backwashed booze out of a paper bag. As if Boston Police is at all interested with policing this man who is keeping property value in the rest of Charlestown at an inflated rate by never leaving the projects.

This was the most amazing line from the video though.

“You don’t know this white n***er. You don’t know this one”

And despite the fact that everyone watching and filming it was black, he got a free pass anyway because these rules are constantly changing.

“He said it the right way dog.”

Turns out the only white people who can’t say that word are people with something to lose. Like, if you have a job or own Barstool Sports then you can’t sing song lyrics or else you’re cancelled. But if you’re some guy in the projects coaching junkie brawls, well, what can the cancel mob really do to you that life hasn’t done already?

The video ended with White Trashley enjoying her victory while running her massage therapist, as the scenic sites of project dumpsters representing the hopes and dreams of everyone in that video acted as a backdrop.

Part 2 begins with White Trashley beating a third unidentified woman with a stick, which prompts Coach Cockroach to instinctively run out of the building, chase down White Trashley, and hit her over the bed with his lukewarm High Life.

She thought she had firmly established her control as the baddest white chick in Charlestown.

But she didn’t see Freddie Cockroach coming.

And again, the commentary was arguably the best part of that video. I could listen to 20 year old black guys narrate white crackhead fights all day, every day, and never get bored with it.

Anyway, that video was awesome but I’d love to know the names of these fine creatures so I could contact them about setting up an exclusive interview. Hit me up on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected] if you can help me out.


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