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Women Who Punish Citizens, Harass Their Children In Grocery Stores For Reading Turtleboy And Wearing TBS T-Shirts, Seek Election In Worcester Today


Years ago we used to be really into Worcester politics, and in 2015 we successfully campaigned to have several awful people thrown out of the City Council and School Committee for being race-baiting frauds. Since then our audience has expanded and we don’t really cover Worcester politics anymore, unless it involves an elected official discussing our blog. But since today is election day I wanted to remind people who they shouldn’t vote for if they live in Worcester.

Etel Haxhiaj City Council – City Council

Two years ago Attorney Margaret Melican was interviewing for an unpaid position on the zoning board. She was overly qualified, but the 10 member citizen’s advisory board denied her from holding this position because one member, Etel Haxhiaj, thought that Margaret reading and commenting on Turtleboy’s Facebook page was disqualifying. According to her, Turtleboy is a “local hate blog, that frequently attacks women, women of color and people who live in poverty.”

I can’t emphasize how dangerous this woman is. People who believe that the government has the right to deny you a position on a city board because of what you read, and the opinions you express, are fascists. They are a threat to freedom and must never be allowed near any position of power. She finished 7th in the primary election, and the top 6 get in. I don’t care who you vote for since none of them are any good, but every vote for another candidate is a vote against her.

Masslive wrote about that incident and criticized us for using funny words.

Posts tell stories of “Hoodrat heroes” and “Fupasloths,” derogatory terms for the subjects of the site’s articles. Many Turtleboy Sports stories are topped with long-winded headlines. For example: “Crazy Unfit Delusional Mother Goes On Extreme Facebook Rants, Blames Ex-Husband and DCF For Losing Custody Of Her Son, Starts A Gofundme To Win Him Back.”

They want her to win. Don’t let it happen.

It was pretty tragic that long time School Committee member Brian O’Connell died two weeks ago, not only because he was a great guy, but because he was the best member by far. He was a vocal proponent of Superintendent Maureen Binienda, who is being smeared as a racist for not wasting taxpayer money on a chief diversity officer, and supporting schools that suspend kids who break rules, regardless of the color of their skin. There are a bunch of SJWs who want to take his place running for School Committed and we need to keep them off.

Cara Berg Powers – School Committee

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 6.00.08 PM

In 2015 Cara Berg Powers harassed a woman and her two children in a grocery store for wearing “I Am Turtleboy” t-shirts.

So I was out doing errands in the Woo on Saturday afternoon with my 3 year old and 8 year old daughters, who both happened to be wearing an “I am Turtleboy” t-shirt. A woman stopped me in a store and asked where I got their shirts from. So of course I told her “Turtleboy Sports.” She then went on to tell me that she “works for various nonprofits and political groups in Worcester” (whatever that means…) and that she couldn’t believe that I was letting my daughters wear a shirt that represented the spreading of hate.

As politely as I could (wouldn’t want to give fellow turtle riders a bad name), I told her I agreed with the opinions of Turtleboy Sports. She didn’t even try to hide her shock and disgust with me after that and I’m sure she’s currently trying to figure out a way to track me down and report me to DCF for allowing my children to wear an I Am Turtleboy shirt. But whatevs.

I managed to escape to safety with my turtle-clad children in tow, but I thought it was important to warn others. The hippies are real and they are out there-in places you’d least expect to find them-like the grocery store in the non-organic/GMO free food aisle. Ride the turtle, but beware of the stealthy hippie posing as a regular citizen.

She’d likely suspend your kid from school if they wore anything Turtleboy related, because she deems it “hate speech,” which is SJW codeword for “something I disagree with.”

Not surprisingly her morbidly obese husband Jordan Berg-Powers, who took her last name, made up a lie that I called their daughter a “white piece of s***” (she’s biracial). I called him out on it and he claimed we deleted the insult.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.09.49 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.01.35 PM

This is the kind of lowlife who wants to run the Worcester Public Schools.

Kind of ironic since Cara’s two brothers were arrested by the FBI for downloading kiddie porn at her mother’s apartment on Plantation Street.

It should be noted that Cara wants to get rid of Maureen Binienda as superintendent because she hasn’t hired a “chief diversity officer,” and thinks that schools that suspend students of color for breaking the rules are racist.


Tracy Novick

This WASPY west sider was overthrown from the School Committee years ago after being repeatedly exposed on Turtleboy Sports.

Worcester passed a good ordinance a couple years ago outlawing panhandling. Tracy Novick sued the city, won, and cost us over $1 million in taxpayer money.

Tracy Novick lives in a tax free house in West Tatnuck because she exploits a loophole by living on conserved land.

Tracy is also a vocal opponent of the superintendent, and steadfastly supported the disgraced former superintendent Melinda Boone.

Tracy finished 4th in the primary and the top 6 get in. With the death of Brian O’Connell she will sadly win this time. But the goal is to keep the following like minded individuals out:

  • Jermah Kamara
  • Chantel Bethea
  • Jack Foley
  • John Trobaugh
  • Cara Berg Powers

I’d recommend voting FOR the following:

  • John Monfredo
  • Diana Biancheria
  • Brian O’Connell (would be awesome if he still won)
  • Laura Clancey
  • Molly McCullough

Realistically, with the death of Brian, it means that one of the SJWs will get in. The goal should be to try to keep it at one. I’m not fond of Molly, but I’m willing to give Laura Clancey a chance, and the others have all earned re-election.


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