Worcester BLM Activist, Award Winning School Committee Candidate Indicted For Elderly Neglect, Defrauding MassHealth $120K


This is Chantel Bethea, a well known BLM activist from Worcester.

Last year at a School Committee meeting she threw a fit and announced that she was running for School Committee because kids weren’t getting enough free condoms in school, or something. “Reporter” Bill Shaner, who has since been fired and flips burgers at a local Worcester watering hole, predicted she was going to win.

Unfortunately for her Bill Shaner is not a smart person and she did not win one of the six spots and ended up finishing in 10th place, defeating a woman who didn’t run a campaign and a guy who had died a month before the election.

Womp, womp.

She’s your run of the mill SJW pushing buzzwords like “implicit bias training,” and she gets awards from “non profits” for her very important work being a black woman.

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Chantel received the Unsung Heroine from the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women in 2015. She also received an award from the Worcester Business Journal for the 40 Under 40 Awards in 2015. Chantel also was the Hometown Hero for Worcester Magazine in 2015. Chantel also received the 2019 Black Excellence on the Hill Award  

Her name is always floated around for six figure city jobs because she’s woke, she’s black, and she’s female. But she’s also a bit of a thief and a ratchet, which is why the Attorney General’s Office just had her indicted for defrauding MassHealth.

Three residents of Worcester were among the seven people indicted Thursday in connection with scamming MassHealth out of more than $300,000, Attorney General Maura Healey announced on Thursday. Prosecutors say Chantel Bethea, 41, and Robert L. Evans III, 44, of Worcester fraudulently obtained more than $120,000 – the highest amount of any of those indicted on Thursday. Authorities say they billed MassHealth for personal care attendant services that were not rendered to an elderly individual with long-term disabilities. Each were indicted on charges of making a false Medicaid claim, and larceny over $1200.

Bethea was also indicted for neglect of an elder or disabled person. Prosecutors say Bethea also neglected a MassHealth member by failing to provide necessary assistance such as shopping for food, cleaning clothes, bathing, housekeeping and other services, for long periods of time.

“More people than ever rely on MassHealth resources for the care they need to stay in their homes. We need to make sure that those resources are not being used for fraudulent payments,” Healey said in a statement. “I’m grateful to my state and federal partners for providing critical support in these investigations.”

While masquerading as a local hero and emerging political star by the local media, this woman was defrauding the taxpayers and the elderly of $120K by not providing essential life services to people in need. She did this while running for the Worcester School Committee, which not a single media outlet seems to have pointed out. Anyway, you have to be a pretty big scumbag to be this woke and have Maura Healey come after you. Just sayin.


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