Worcester DJ Collects Deposits For Weddings Despite Impending Incarceration For Punching Wife In Face After She Had Brain Surgery


This is Worcester DJ Matt Jacobs, owner of MJ Entertainment.


In 2019 Jacobs was arrested and charged with assault and battery on a family member.

Last February he was charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

His wife divorced him after three years of marriage shortly afterwards.

A month later in March of 2020 he was arrested for punching his wife in the head shortly after she had just had brain surgery. According to the police report he also ripped her shirt, choked her, closed her mouth with his other hand, and prevented her from calling the police by taking her phone.

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He served three months in jail and is now out on bail. While he was away he missed a wedding according to an online review from an upset bride who tried in vain to reach him.

Instead of just manning up and refunding the woman her deposit, or telling her that he missed her wedding due to the fact that he was in jail for beating the crap out of his wife who just had brain surgery, DJ Choke-a-Chick lied by claiming to have made several attempts to reach her, and refused to refund the deposit. The bride also alleged that he had offered her money to take down her negative review.

In November he did a virtual event at a hotel in Southbridge, which apparently consisted of him sitting in a hotel room playing songs on his computer over Zoom.

While he was there he got blackout drunk and decided to livestream himself sitting alone in a hotel lobby, warning people not to get married.

Pro tip – the whole, “don’t get married” shtick only works if you have a crazy ex, not if you’re divorced because you punched your wife in the head after she got brain surgery. Also, you probably shouldn’t warn people not to get married if you make money being a DJ at weddings. Just a thought.

Seeing Jacobs drunk at events like this is pretty standard behavior. Last year he passed out drunk while he was DJ’g at Moonshiner’s in Kelley Square, and went face first into his DJ decks and knocked the booth over. Another time he was working for Festive Events, a DJ company in Plymouth, who had him covering an event at Twin River Casino. He reportedly showed up in his usual plastered form and was immediately removed by security and Lincoln Police.

Yet despite the fact that he will likely be in jail at this time next year, Matt Jacobs is still actively soliciting brides to DJ their weddings, knowing that he will not have to refund their deposits.

Most DJs charge more than that, so he’s undercutting his competitors as well.

In conclusion, if you’re trying to get married sometime soon and you want to piss away some cash on a domestic abuser DJ who won’t refund your money because he spent it on legal fees, then give Matt Jacobs a call because he’s booking up fast!


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