Worcester Man Passed Out In Running Vehicle At Gas Station Once Kidnapped 2 Children In Stolen Car, Sends TB Threatening Message Claiming To Be “Very Intellectual”


Last week we published a blog about a video showing a man and a woman passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle at a gas station in Worcester. The female who was driving was named Elizabeth Gleason, and she was clearly high, despite claiming that a state trooper had told her to park there and sleep it off after a long night of studying.

Ms. Gleason took down her Facebook page, but the man with her did not. His name is Christopher Colecchi, and in 2010 he made headlines for stealing a car with two children sleeping in the backseat, which he then took for a high speed chase on 290, skidded across three lanes of traffic, crashed into a median, and fled on foot running across the highway.

He messaged me on my personal page and left me a Valentine’s Day voicemail too. Let’s start with the voicemail.

“Adrian, this is Christopher Michael Colecchi and I find it very obscene as a retired school teacher that you have resorted to this low life level of things. But I got one thing to tell you. There is nothing you can say about me that the whole world doesn’t know about me. I’m gonna post the pictures from where I stole the car with the kid sleeping in the backseat at golf and I did my 2 years upstate. I’m gonna post every fucking thing I did, I was a filthy needle rigging junkie dope fiend crackhead for 18 years. I got 3 years sober. There’s nothing you can say or do to me mother fucker. Why are you fucking with me and my girlfriend? I’m telling you you don’t wanna f*** with me, because I will bash every f***ing post you put up. And I’m telling you I am very intellectual, I am very smart. Street smart and book smart. So you wanna play? Let’s play. But I’m telling you you’re not gonna be winning, you’re not gonna be happy. And you claim to be form Worcester but we all know your address and where you live in Holden. So you might not wanna piss off the wrong people. I’m just sayin I’m not making threats but you never know, you could piss off the wrong people and they come to your house and come get you.”

Welcome to a day in the life of Turtleboy.

This man right here Is “very intellectual.”

In case you don’t believe him, he sent receipts.

He’s using the hunt and peck method to push buttons on a computer. He’ll be a doctor by a next week.

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He’s not just street smart, he’s book smart too. Because I know when I look at his face, the first word that comes to mind is, “books.”

Here’s the messages he sent.

My favorite part about that message is that he’s the one who gave it a thumbs down.

I for one am looking forward to the launch of “Turtle boy slugger sports part 2.” The sequel is rarely better than the original, but Mr. Colecchi here is about to change that.

He also has a lot of political clout and has a senator on speed dial. Sure, that Senator is probably Jamie Eldridge, but he’s still got his number.

He also claims he was awake during that video, which is odd because his girlfriend was clearly sleeping behind the wheel. I’d probably offer to drive for my sober girlfriend if I was in that situation, but different strokes I suppose.

He also ate a weasel.

And shared with me his life accomplishments since getting out of jail.

Just to review, he has a 704 credit score

(I’m sure that’s his)

He “owns” nice cars (even though his girlfriend was driving that night).

He hangs out with ex-Patriot player Chris Sullivan and got to try on a Super Bowl ring because he went to a couple rehab meetings.

He owns a vibrating bed with a wireless remote.

He got rave reviews from the other addicts in rehab who wrote nice things about him on a napkin.

He can afford to get dressed up for court days, and has no shortage of LA Looks hair gel.

He’s rich from his new money order refund and is close to being able to spell Worcester without using Google.

He has pictures of his computer screen proving….something.

He’s got pictures with random women and his girlfriend which also proves….something.

He sent me pictures of the car belonging to the man who filmed him and his girlfriend overdosing at a gas station.

Along with this old picture with no explanation.

And highlights of his arrests.

He’s now completely sober and “3 years” drug free, despite clearly being high in that video. He claims that he’s done a complete 180, even though he’s been arrested several times since his brief incarceration in 2010 for kidnapping 2 children, and has a recent arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Plus, he’s in love with a new woman now, since the last one dumped him on Christmas.

So clearly he has turned his life around and we were completely wrong in assuming that he and his girlfriend were high out of their mind in that video.


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