Worcester Man Who Keeps Dog Tied Up To Car 24/7 Due To Fleas And Owes $27K In Property Taxes Is Being Investigated By City Councilor Candy Carlson After Blog Was Published


Last month we published a story on a well known Worcester Internet troll named John Licoski (goes by John David on Facebook) who leaves his flea ridden dog chained to his car all day and all night, causing issues for his neighbors on Pallisades Street.

It was remarkable that this had been going on for quite some time, yet the city wasn’t doing anything about it. The OP took the video down after Licoski stood his ground, defended his treatment of the dog, and said that the city had inspected his house and deemed it permissible. He’s even said that animal control, the police, and/or city offiicals have come to his house as a result of the blog and gloated that no action was being taken against him.

As a result of this lack of action we urged readers to contact District 2 City Councillor Candy Carlson, as she would likely respond if enough people messaged her with their concerns, but nothing seemed to come of it.

Then we found out this week that Licoski owes the city roughly $27,000 in unpaid property taxes.

Because apparently in Worcester paying property taxes is an option. Because….Worcester.

In that blog we called out Carlson for doing nothing, since that’s her side of the city, especially since she’s dedicated City Countil time to complaining about Turtleboy using the word “cunt” in blogs.

Well, credit where credit is due – Candy Carlson read our blog and is doing the bare minimum about it. Here’s tonight’s City Council agenda:

Public shaming works on public servants too. Will any good come from this? Who knows. At the very least Licoski will be investigated more, and now that his taxes have come to light too maybe they’ll actually do something about it. After all, the only person in Worcester who doesn’t have to pay property taxes is disgraced School Committee candidate Tracy Novick.

The bottom line is that this blog is a force for good. We identify problems, our readers take action, and people in positions of power are forced to act as a result of that. Some have suggested that we’ve lost our fastball with the loss of our Facebook page, Twitter account, and Michael Gaffney on the Council. We haven’t. We’ve just grown out of Worcester, but we reserve the right to force Worcester politicians to do their job whenever that becomes necessary.


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