Worcester Mother Assaults Passenger In Front Of Her Kids During Traffic Dispute On Grafton Hill, Says It Was Justified Because She “Went Into Mom Mode”


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There’s a heat wave in Worcester, which can only mean one thing – the cheesehogs have emerged from hibernation and are ready to throw down! Yesterday on Grafton Hill (corner of Fairmont and Cohasset)  two couples got into a bit of a disagreement over a traffic dispute and handled it the Grafton Hill way.

At first it looked like the men were going to fight, but when you have 50 pounds on the current guy who’s plowing you, you protect his honor, not the other way around. When the Grafton Hill Grundlezilla saw her man and the driver getting in each other’s faces, she made it clear that she was the alpha.

“Don’t talk to this young man, I will fight a man too. I’ll stab both of you b****es, now get the f*** out of here!

I can see she’s never left Worcester before and clearly has no plans to. Luckily the minor league baseball team should fix all of these problems within a couple of months.

The other woman did not like following instructions from Grundlezilla’s one simple command –

“Get the f*** in the car before I kill you.”

Seems pretty straight forward. But Betty Boriqua didn’t have it in her to suck up her pride and let Grundlezilla walk away, so she made another snide remark and the next thing you know her head was snapped back on the other side of her door.

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Warning – cheesehogs in mirror are closer than they appear.

Boriqua Betty did her best to hold Grundlezilla at bay as her man tried and failed to intervene.

But ultimately it was the presence of Fanny Pack Felicia and her leggings that were begging for mercy that ultimately provided the distraction that saved her.

Grundlezilla was not finished though, and would not leave until the other woman finally just admitted who was the Queen Ratchet of Grafton Hill.

Her boyfriend finally put hands on her and nearly threw her into a moving car to extricate her from the scene.

And she left with some parting words:

“I don’t care about the po po ho! You little snitch b****! You snitch c***! You scary ass b****!”

As it turns out there are actually human beings who call that creature “Mom” and look up to her as a role model (or in this case, a ROLL model). We know this because Grundlezilla identified herself in the comments and wasn’t the least bit embarrassed or humiliated by her behavior, since this was a typical Sunday afternoon in Worcester for her.

Not only is Lee Smith a mother, the kids were in the car watching this entire thing unfold.

“I went in to mom mode but she kept going so Thats on her.”

Most people consider “Mom” mode to be providing food, shelter, love, and compassion for their children. Not Grundlezilla though. For her “Mom mode” means, “nearly splitting a b**** in half for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.”

Plus, none of this was her fault. The other woman talked back, therefore she had no choice but to react the way she did. This is a perfectly normal code to live by.

Let’s take a look at Mom’s Facebook page….

Yikes! Crazy to think there is more than one male out there capable of sustaining an erection who looked at that thing and said to himself, “I’d like to impregnate that.” Junkie eyes, tittoos honoring what is most likely some dead guy who wore flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats, and the international Facebook filter for “I’m perpetually in recovery but I’m not dead yet” – I am that girl.

And in this case “that girl” is just a big fat booty for ex-cons to grab ahold of upon early release from the Worcester House of Corrections.

Shockingly this is the “new” her.

Yes, that’s right – somehow this right here is an improvement over something else.

I didn’t know that was possible, but this is Worcester after all.

For a woman who clearly doesn’t value human life much at all she used the “staying home saving lives” Facebook filter last year after one of her kids ended up in the hospital.

Turns out he got there by pulling a Christmas Story and shooting his eye out with a BB gun, which she used as an excuse to raise money for herself because she collects disability for a living.

I guess when your Mom is busy fighting every woman in the city that looks at her the wrong way you have time to get into mischief. Thanks the Worcester School Committee kids like this had to sit in their homes for a year with parents like this so that their teachers could avoid getting a virus that had no shot at killing them anyway.

Don’t worry though, she has plenty of money to buy the little tax credits some Jordan’s though.

Sure, they live in Section 8 housing, they’ll never understand what a vacation or a bank account is, they’re being raised with no values, their Mom often attacks other drivers, and they’re 4 grade levels behind their classmates. But “as long as they happy” and none of the other neighborhood kids can make fun of them for not having Jordan’s, things are going well. Because, priorities.


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