Law and Order

Worcester Mother Fights To Regain Custody Of Kids By Beating And Carjacking Elderly Man With Dog Inside Before Passing Out In Front Seat During Bender


This is Tiffany Flynn from Brookfield.

Tiffany Tunastank is a mother of 2 who’s got that “disease” that makes you rob people in order to line the pockets of Diego the friendly neighborhood drug dealer. Over the weekend her disease got so bad that she had no choice but to beat an elderly man with her cell phone as he sat in his vehicle on Harding Street, then hijack his car with his dog still in it. Luckily she dropped the pooch off before disappearing. Two days later the cops found her and her career criminal friend Kyle Bailey passed out in it on the street where every car thief in Worcester always ends up – Eastern Ave.

These two have a Google trophy collection that can compete with anyone. She sticks to larceny, drugs, and assault and battery, while he specializes in trespassing, drug dealing, and writing bad checks.

She apparently went to Holy Name and Framingham State, which was obviously money well spent, seeing as she majored in psychology and ended up on Turtleboy.

She has two children, who she posts about on Facebook as if she is a normal, caring mother.

Except she “misses her babies” because DCF took away all custodial rights due her long and documented criminal history, and her all around ratchet behavior. She’s not even allowed around them because she’s considered a danger, and got her mother and grandmother in trouble by tagging along on one of their visitations.


Her sister Justine had her back in the comments though.

“I didn’t realize you knew her.”

Finding out that she carjacks the elderly was quite enough information to formulate an opinion on her. But as it turns out, that was just the cherry on the piece of shit sundae. She’s actually much worse than she’s being portrayed by WPD.

“She needs time but you don’t know everything someone is going through.”

She beat up an elderly man with a cell phone, ripped him out of his car, stole it, abandoned the dog on a street corner, and used it to have junkie sex all weekend. That’s almost dumber than her take on masks.


“I’m immuncompromised so you should have to wear a useless face diaper perpetually because I’ll die if I catch the commie cold.”

Ever notice that everyone who says they’re immunocompromised seems to be a healthy looking woman in her 20’s or 30’s? Ya know what’s a lot more dangerous than not wearing a mask? Being around your sister. If our government cared about protecting us then they’d make sure that people like Tiffany Tunastank went to jail after their 4th or 5th serious arrest, instead of letting them roam free to carjack the elderly in Canal District.


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