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Worcester Mother Forces 13 Year Old Daughter To Viciously Beat Teen Rival, Posts Video To Facebook, Celebrates With Hennessy


Lorelane Laboy is a Worcester mother of two who made headlines two years ago after arranging a fight for her 15 year old daughter, and ended up assaulting the girl she fought, which she proudly bragged about on social media.

Ms. Laboy is well known to police in Worcester, as they are a frequent part of her weekly routine for both herself and her two daughters.

She also proudly hosted an underage lingerie drinking party at a motel in the Worcester area, and posted images of herself and her children drinking alcohol in their lingerie on Facebook. I won’t post them here because they are rather inappropriate, but they are archived on Turtleboy Sports.

Although this seems to be an accurate depiction.

Three hundred twelve likes. I miss the old Facebook page.

She is the prime example of why you should not aspire to be friends with your children.

Which is why DCF is also a regular part of her life.

Rather than being ashamed of her behavior she was actually quite proud of it, and showed up on the TBS Facebook page to defend her honor, using her Facebook alias “La Colora.”

Ms. Laboy’s older daughter is likely 17 or 18 years old now, and is clearly a lost cause.

Most reasonable people would assume she’s already reproduced at this point in life, but if she hasn’t it’s not for lack of trying.

However, her younger daughter, who is just 13, might be even worse off. The biggest problem is that she aspires to be “beautiful, just like her mama.”

And based on these hyper sexualized pictures the girl has been posting on Facebook, she’s probably well on her way to becoming her mother.

Last week Ms. Laboy posted a video on Facebook (the video has since been pulled down by Facebook but we’ve got it here), showing her encouraging her 13 year old daughter to fight another girl. It’s pretty disturbing.

“Ain’t nobody gonna jump in.”

This is an adult watching a child being viciously beaten by her own 13 year old daughter. What was it over? According to Ms. Laboy it was because the other girl called her a mean word.

Afterwards she celebrated with her underage daughters over Hennessy daiquiris.

And of course her week wouldn’t be complete without posting about her pit bull (of course there’s a pit bull involved) and her court date on Tuesday.

Some would argue that it’s not appropriate for a mother to stage an altercation like this over teenage drama, or host underage drinking parties in lingerie, but Ms. Laboy doesn’t subscribe to that philosophy.


Then again, when you own marijuana leggings it generally indicates that nothing about your life is normal.

As detestable as this woman appears to be, I would still welcome her on the live show this weekend if she would like to share her side of the story.


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