Worcester Police Ask For Help Reuniting Missing 15 Year Old Girl With Coke Dealing Deadbeat Mom Who Wants Her Raped And Dead, Girl Says She’s OK


Today the Worcester Police Department posted on Facebook asking for the public’s help in locating a missing 15 year old girl named Salyce Simpson.

These posts worry people, but most of the time it’s really not as bad as it looks. When they post these in the suburbs it usually means the girl is getting stuffed crust with her 18 year old boyfriend at his apartment. But as we saw with Ashley St. Angelo’s missing kid in September of 2020, sometimes the kids run away from shitty parents. And just like Ashley St. Angelo’s missing kid, Salyce showed up in the comments to let the world know she wasn’t missing.

She also posted screenshots of text messages from her egg donor, telling her that she hopes her daughter gets raped and murdered, and how she wishes she aborted her missing daughter.

I’m just thinking out loud here, but maybe the cops shouldn’t be helping to reunite this woman with her kid, who obviously ran away for a reason.


Her Mom’s name is Sylvestine Barjolo, and according to LinkedIn she’s a nonprofit organization management professional with a degree from the grocery store university, Salter School.

Sylvestine is currently facing charges in Worcester Superior Court for manufacturing and distributing cocaine.

So naturally the public should do whatever it takes to reunite this abusive coke dealer with her missing crotch fruit.

Mommy Montana has a plethora of other Google trophies, including charges for A&B with a deadly weapon, receiving stolen property, drug charges, larceny, driving without a license (multiple times), and failure to provide DNA.

No big deal though. Pretty much all of her cases thus far end up getting dismissed at the request of Joe Early’s office.


Mommy Montana isn’t so good at parenting, but she is good at getting knocked up by hoodboogers and trying to squeeze child support out of their nonexistent bank accounts.

The most recent winner she chose to procreate with is your friendly neighborhood coke dealer Nelson Saydee.

Nelson was sentenced to 4-6 years in Walpole back in 2010 for selling cocaine with his brother George, who was later shot and killed. He got out in less than 3 years in 2013 and immediately began to scam “criminal justice reform” liberals by pretending that he planned on turning his life around. The Turtlegram and Gazette even wrote a puff piece about how he was the model for reform under the new state initiative.

Nelson Saydee, 28, said he has no plans to return since it would mean missing the next 15 to 20 years of his son’s life. Rather than trying on his own to stay out of prison, Mr. Saydee is involved in the Worcester Initiative for Supported Reentry, which seeks to provide supportive services to former prisoners who want to re-enter society and not land back in the criminal justice system

In 2013, its first year of implementation, the program has provided resources for more than 80 people. Advocates Inc. has been awarded $499,619 in funding from the Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts to run the program for a second year, and has a goal of serving 144 people in the local district and superior court programs. Since its planning stage in 2011 and a pilot program in 2012, WISR has taken in nearly $1.5 million in funding. 

Mr. Saydee says he is already feeling that impact, as he has been out of jail for eight months now and believes he is on the right track. In prison, Mr. Saydee continued to make money to support his son and girlfriend, buying and selling snacks and items to other inmates for a profit.

“I’m a natural-born hustler,” he said. “I just know how to make money.”

That story was written in 2014, but they never did a followup about the “natural born hustler’s” subsequent arrests for driving without a license, indecent exposure, assault and battery on a household member, and two separate cocaine distribution charges.

Definitely the kind of guy who a responsible coke dealing Mom would want to be around her 15 year old daughter.

As you can imagine, Mommy Montana is no stranger to probate court either, as she’s frequently trying to get the latest guy who dumped a load of baby gravy inside of her to prove that he’s the father.

In 2014 the missing 15 year old girl’s aunt applied for custody after finding her and her 3 siblings home alone with a burning stove when the girl was 9.

But auntie never got custody because neither she nor Mommy Montana showed up to court.

And of course the court that Mommy Montana is most familiar with is housing court, since she’s constantly getting evicted for nonpayment of rent. Luckily Joe Biden’s eviction moratorium has helped her avoid having to pay rent, but she was forced to let the landlord in the apartment to make repairs.

You’ll never guess who is representing the landlord in her most recent eviction case.

Leicester Attorney Mike Shivick – the mentally unbalanced man, disgraced water commissioner, and expert pumpkin carver who lives with his parents, vowed to sue the Leicester Police for pulling him over for driving on a suspended license, filed lawsuits against people who disagreed with him about politics on Facebook, and confronted and threatened me at the gym before I began filming him and he claimed that he wouldn’t be going to the gym anymore because I was being hostile.

Shivick-4 (1)

Yes, that’s right – someone is still paying this rabid Democrat’s money because they trust him to conduct their legal business and evict deadbeats for them (even though Biden extended the eviction moratorium). No wonder it’s gotten nowhere.


Anyway, I don’t blame the police because they’re just doing their job, and the mother apparently has legal custody. But the girl is clearly better off without her and ran way for a reason, so feel free not to help her reunite with Mommy Montana if you see her around Plumley Village.


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