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Worcester Police File Criminal Complaint Against Vintage Grille For Serving Food And Alcohol, Owner Professes Innocence On WPD Facebook Page


Apparently the Vintage Grille in Worcester missed the memo on the whole coronavirus shut down thing.

Not good. But the owner, Robyn Caruso, showed up in the comments anyway and went full dindu nuffin.

According to Robyn it was a simple misunderstanding, and she blames the police for overreacting. Four employees and a man celebrating his 70th birthday were having some cake. What’s the big deal?

Except the police specifically said that there were “numerous patrons consuming food and drink on premises,” and that “food and drink were being served to SEATED CUSTOMERS.”


Robyn kept commenting, and when advised that this was unlikely to help her cause other people rushed to her defense.

“Inaccurate post by the WPD can really hurt a family business.”

Yea, that’s it. The police are lying. Strong point Jimbo. Almost as strong as this one.

Translation – I don’t agree with the order from the state, therefore Vintage Grille shouldn’t have to abide by it.

You know what else can really hurt a family business? Shutting down because they’re following the rules and not serving customers. I do feel bad for the Vintage Grille and all businesses affected by this, but it’s cheating to continue to serve patrons when everyone else has to shut down. It also jeopardizes the health of everyone in the Worcester area, because this ban exists for a reason. That whole pandemic thing.

Then there was this.

You know what a great way to avoid being put on blast is? Follow the rules. Studies have shown that the fear of public shaming remarkably prevents people from acting in a shameful manner.

I haven’t read the police report, but I have a hard time believing they would take action like this if there wasn’t pretty strong evidence of wrongdoing. But according to Robyn she has film to prove she’s innocent.

I asked her to see the video or even some still images almost 24 hours ago, but she suddenly decided to stop talking. This could all be cleared up very quickly, and she could make the police look very silly if she’d just show that tape proving her innocence. I wonder why she hasn’t shown it? Weird.

She does have a legal expert on the case named Holly Landy, and Holly says it’s libel on the part of the police.

Oh right. You get anonymity if you’re arrested for something but aren’t found guilty yet. That’s how privacy laws work for sure. Apparently every single press release about every single arrest that the cops have ever made is libelous according to Raggedy Narcan here.

Trust me, I’ve been sued for libel a dozen times. I’m what you would call an expert on it. This isn’t even remotely close to libel, and anyone with a GED should know that.

Nevertheless Robyn seems to be taking advice from this woman and says that Masslive is going to write a better version of the story.

Well, Masslive did end up writing about it, but it didn’t work out quite the way Robyn planned:

Worcester police took videotapes that recorded the incident inside the premises, Caruso said. Asked to respond to Caruso’s statement that everyone at the restaurant was an employee, a Worcester police spokeswoman said, “We have evidence that alcohol was being sold at the business.”

During a press conference on Thursday, City Manager Edward Augustus Jr. said that Vintage Grille put not only its employees and anyone in the restaurant at risk, but also Worcester police officers.

“Not following the governor’s order is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Augustus said. “I can’t stress this enough. This is phenomenally irresponsible behavior.”

Augustus also said that what Vintage Grille did was unfair to other restaurants and businesses in Worcester.

Oops! Turns out the police say they have evidence that liquor was being sold and they pulled the tapes. Surely they must’ve reviewed them, seen that it’s nothing more than 4 employees trying to eat cake with a 70 year old maintenance man, and corrected their error?

Oh wait, they haven’t done that at all. Because the police have absolutely no reason to lie about this, and Vintage Grille is absolutely deserving of this public shaming.


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