Worcester State IG Account Urging Students To Wear Black Hoodies All Day To Protest Police Killing Young Black Men For Black History Month 


Saw this on the Worcester State University (lol) official Instagram account:

“Join the movement to observe our young black and brown brothers whose lives were cut short.”

Translation – Worcester State is pushing a “police are all racist” anti-cop narrative.

If this were just about Trayvon then keep it to that. Trayvon wasn’t killed by a cop; he was killed by a reject wannabe cop who started a fight, lost it, and used a gun because he was too much of a coward to take the L. Trayvon’s story was completely different from that of Michael Brown and the rest. To lump them all together is nothing more than an attempt to shit on law enforcement.

A turtle rider messaged the account and asked why they were promoting this:

Oh I see. It’s part of black history spirit week. So instead of celebrating the accomplishments of law abiding black people, and the contributions they’ve made to our society and civil rights as a whole, the school is celebrating the lives of non-contributing members of society who died while breaking the law.

This is what your tax dollars are going towards. The students pushing this are gonna leave WSU with a degree in Wokeness and then whine about college debt because they can’t get a job. I wouldn’t say that you should not send your kids to college, but just give them my advice – go to class, do what you gotta do to get your grades, and then party with cool people on the weekends. The people organizing this stuff have no lives and aren’t invited to any parties because they’re miserable to be around and normal people can’t stand them.


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