Worcester State Rep Who Voted For Police Reform Bill Crashes While Driving Drunk 4 Times Legal Limit, Thought He Was In Newton, Didn’t Know Name


This is Democratic State Representative Dave LeBoeuf.

As you can see, he is a virtue signaling twat who represents Leicester and the Webster Square area of Worcester, which up until 2018 was a seat held by a Republican. David is a Bernie bro communist who hates Turtleboy and has commented several times about how “dangerous” the blog is, since he’s local. But surely Turtleboy cannot be as dangerous as a man driving around with a blood alcohol level above .32, which is more than 4 times the legal limit.

His arrest report is legendary.

To review:

  • He was so drunk on the highway that multiple people called 911 and one guy started following him
  • When the cops found him he had crashed into a guardrail, gotten a flat tire, lost a rim, and somehow didn’t realize it
  • His car was almost on fire and he somehow didn’t realize it
  • He was so drunk he couldn’t follow orders and had to be dragged out of the car
  • He said he was coming from Massachusetts (which technically wasn’t wrong)
  • He couldn’t say his name
  • He said he was heading towards Worcester by going South on I-93, which doesn’t take you anywhere near Worcester
  • He thought he was in Newton (he was in Milton), which he would be if he had jumped on I-90 and headed towards Worcester
  • He claimed he had literally nothing to drink despite reeking of booze, which is a bold and rare move because most go with the “I had 2 drinks a couple hours ago” line
  • He stumbled so much and was such a danger to himself that they had to stop the field sobriety tests
  • Police found 9 empty nips of Mcgillicuddy’s and two cans of wine (I guess those are a thing) were in the cupholder

Look, I know a lot of decent people have drank too much and got behind the wheel of a car. But this is not having 4 beers at dinner and slurring your speech a little. This is trying to kill someone drunk. I didn’t even know it was possibly to get that wasted and not die. Never mind drive a car and not die or kill someone else. I’ve been very drunk before, but .329 is almost legally dead. It was a Tuesday night too – something he frowned upon.

David is one of the state reps who voted for the George Floyd “police reform bill,” because he’s in a fine position to lecture the police about how to appropriately do their job. The arrogance of someone like this, who is clearly a danger to other people, lecturing those who protect us from criminals like him, is hard to comprehend.

David also likes to brag about how he avoid his constituents in Worcester at all costs.

He’s a big fan of communist burger flipper Bill Shaner.

But it’s all good because he stands against imaginary white supremacist Asian hate.

He’s been endorsed by pretty much every prominent Democratic politician.

None of them are calling for his resignation. Our useless “Republican” governor is basically saying he doesn’t wanna get involved, while the Democratic Speaker of the House is going the “he has a drinking disease” route.

Keep in mind, that just a couple hours before he was arrested Davey Dos Equis was helping to finalize a $50 billion state budget.

There is no way he got that drunk that quickly. He must’ve been drinking on the job, which means our budget was decided by a person who was so drunk that he got mercy ruled in his own DUI sobriety tests. Should’ve stuck with the coffee from earlier in the day Davey.




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