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Worcester Teacher Arrested For Taking Selfies Around Urinating Boys At School


NBCA 38-year-old Massachusetts woman is facing serious felony charges after she allegedly took photos or video of three partially nude boys inside a K-6 elementary school in Worcester last week. Erin Scally of Holden was confirmed by students to be a behavioral therapist who works in the Special Education department at the Norrback Avenue School. Prosecutors allege that last Tuesday, Scally was observed by another adult taking a photo or video of herself and three boys using the urinals in the school bathroom, with their buttocks exposed. Parents were shocked by the allegations.

I was asked for my take on this on the live show last night since this woman lives on my street. Obviously when you see a headline and a story like this your instinct reaction is to join the mob because we all hate pedos. I have a hard time believing she was arrested without solid evidence.

With that said, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would a woman in her 30’s want pictures of boy butts? Plus, a cursory look at this woman’s Facebook page shows you that she’s addicted to selfies.

Almost all of her pictures are selfies. She’s the kind of chick who takes one in the car, at the grocery store, and even post-dump in the bathroom. Bear with me for a second and let me play devil’s advocate. Which do you think is more likely:

A. She’s  a dumb blonde who takes selfies wherever she goes because she’s vain, part of her job is to take 5 year olds to the bathroom, and she took a selfie in the bathroom while the boys were urinating when another teacher walked in.

B. She diddles herself at home to images of 5 year old boy buttocks, but instead of just taking a picture of them she did the much more difficult job of taking a selfie and angling it so that both her face and their buttocks were caught in the same image.

Call me naive, but gun to my head I’m going with A. Then again, I don’t know this woman. I cut through her lawn a lot because there’s a trail in the backyard that leads to the Trout Brook and I’ve never once been molested. That’s a pretty solid scientific case study. Sure, she could be the neighborhood pedo, but she could also be a moron who thought it would be a good idea to take a selfie around urinating boys. If it turns out it’s the former I’ll own it. But I’m skeptical.

Either way, common sense tells you that you can’t take selfies in the boy’s room when kids are in there. Plus, you’re a grown ass woman and a mother, not some 20 year old “influencer” on IG. Put your phone down and do your job.



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