Worst Father Ever Joins In With Son Swearing At Hunter For Killing A Deer, Admits They Eat Meat, Don’t Understand Irony


A video of a deer hunter being confronted by a father and his foul mouthed son in Long Island has been making the rounds this week.

This kid is the second worst person on the planet

Second only to his butt chinned pa dukes.

If you’ve ever needed a reason to never go to Long Island (you don’t), this video is exhibit A. Any place that requires driving through New York City or taking a ferry from Connecticut to get there is going to attract the very worse society has to offer. Your only hope in life living on Long Island is the outside chance that MTV will bring back the Jersey Shore and you’ll beat out the hundreds of thousands of guidos from Bergen County who tryout when you do.

Do you understand the levels of trash you have to reach in order to let your kid talk to a stranger like that and then give him a hug at the end?

Good job son. That’s what we do to people we disagree with. We shout at them and tell them to leave while disregarding thought and logic. That’s the Long Island creed.

Here’s a transcript of the kid’s final words.

“Leave! Now! You’re an a**hole!! F*** you! f*** you, f*** you, f*** you!!! EEE-a***hole.”

Why do they have to pronounce their A’s like? It’s a**hole, not EEEEaaaa**hole.

“What did the f***ing deer do to you.”

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Well, ya see kid, if people don’t shoot the deers then your Dad’s gonna hit one on the way to his job smashing rocks at the quarry. This is a map of your town and the wildlife area the guy was hunting in.

If the hunter doesn’t kill the deer then they will eventually run onto the plethora of roads and highways on Long Island and there’s a good chance someone you know will be killed. So please, cry more. The deer did nothing for him while he was alive, but now that the deer is dead he’s gonna provide food for a long time.

This question was not something the kid or his jelly roll banana old man was ready for.

“Do you buy meat from the supermarket?”


Tarnations! I didn’t realize that was gonna be on the quiz. Better go back to bumping my chest and having my satan worshiping crotch fruit yell curse words at him.

Even the little brown dumpling on the scooter recognized when someone he loves gets owned.

Hunter: “They (the animals) get killed in dirty, nasty areas.”

Satanic crotch fruit: “This is not a dirty area.”

Kid, you’re on Long Island. Your neighborhood is about as clean as the killing floor grates at the veal factory.

“Kids are upset and crying because you wanna kill deer.”

No, the kids are upset because their father is a moron who doesn’t understand where meat comes from.

Satanic crotch fruit: “How would you like to see your pet dead?”

Well, ya see kid, pets are different from wild animals. Pets are the gay best friend animals that wouldn’t survive five minutes in the wild, but they’re really cute so we give them food and pick up their poo for 15 years because lonely people need company too.

The worst part about that video is that the kid was being taught that this is what you do to people you disagree with. It’s probably too late for him to be saved, and if he doesn’t grow a few more inches he’ll turn into the Long Island bagel guy.

It’s a long shot, but we would love to know the name of the Dad in this video. Let us know if you’re a Long Island turtle rider.


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