Wrentham Kindergarten Teacher Calls Unvaccinated Students “Plague Ships” While Supporting District Policy That Forces Unvaxxed To Wear Masks


Two days ago we published a blog about King Philip Regional High School’s policy of discriminating against unvaccinated students by forcing these students, and only these students, to wear masks in school. This was problematic because it stigmatizes children for healthcare decisions their parents made, attempts to coerce them into getting a shot they don’t want or need to protect them against a virus that poses no threat to them, defies science and logic, violates their right to an equal education, and encourages bullying. It also is in violation of the rule listed on page 72 of KPRHS handbook, which prohibits ANY FORM of discrimination:

Harassment and discrimination in any form or for any reason is prohibited. This includes harassment or discrimination by administrators, certified and support personnel, students, vendors and other individuals in school or at school related events.”

Click to access KPRSD-Handbook-2021-2022-Final.pdf

Parents of unvaccinated children in the towns of Norfolk, Wrentham, and Plainville are not taking this lying down. Yesterday they staged a small protest that was covered by the local media.


Many in the community are proving their point for them with their online commentary. This is Elizabeth Harris Quinn, who sends her kid to the King Philip schools.

She champions herself as a believer in science, and a promoter of compassion and decency.

Yet in a Facebook community group she mocked the scientifically proven existence of natural immunity (which she calls “magic,” because she doesn’t understand science), showed her ignorance about the 14th Amendment, spread misinformation about unvaccinated people being the only ones who spread a more lethal form of COVID, and referred to other people’s unvaccinated children as “plague ships.”

She is wrong about natural immunity. Recent scientific studies out of Israel, and another one out of Britain, have shown that people who already had COVID are less likely than vaccinated people to get and transmit COVID again. I am the only unvaccinated adult in my household, and was the only one not to get COVID during an outbreak two months ago due to the fact that I have natural immunity.

Boston, which has a much higher vaccination rate than other cities, just had a record high number of cases this week. However, less people are dying because the vaccine helps increase the chances of survival for the elderly, obese, and at risk populations if they become infected. Children fall into none of these groups, and their teachers all have the option to get vaccinated.

But the most alarming thing about her post is that this grown woman felt comfortable referring to other people’s perfectly healthy children as “plague ships” in a public forum. This from a woman who pretends to care about compassion and decency. It’s further evidence of the willingness of so many to dehumanize their fellow man, including children. They have no shame, they hate you, they think you’re subhuman, they don’t believe that you have a right to be part of society, and they truly believe that this makes them the good guys.

One of the people who called her comment “spot on” was Tracey Mazur.

She is a kindergarten teacher in Wrentham.


She is on record endorsing a comment that calls her students “plague ships” if their parents do not inoculate them with a vaccine that does not stop the spread of a virus which has not killed a single child of that age in Massachusetts. This is disgusting and disqualifying, and she should be ashamed. But she probably doesn’t feel any shame because it has become normal for these people to talk about you and your children like this if they don’t approve of your personal healthcare decisions.

For the record, the Wrentham Public Schools have a cyberbullying policy that Tracey Mazur has violated with her comment.

She is not treating students or parents in a civil manner, she is not showing respect, and she is feeding into a culture that encourages bullying and discrimination. She is a bad person, and has no business being in a classroom. Then again, she’s a Penn State fan, so looking the other way while children are mistreated and violated is par for the course.

When Tracey was vaccinated in March she virtue signaled about how this helped her get “one step closer to getting back our lives.”

Yet she doesn’t seem to think her vaccine works because she believes that unvaccinated children will give her the virus. However, she does seem to believe that smothering them with a cheap piece of paper will prevent her from getting it, because she believes in science, or something.

If you don’t think that this policy will lead to more bullying and discrimination just read the comments on the Sun Chronicle’s Facebook page, where many people explicitly say that these children should be bullied:


Advocating for your children is “wasting everyone’s time” and a “display of public ignorance,” says the childless ghoul who wants to discriminate against and abuse children.

According to some parents it’s happening already.

Alex Martini says that if he was still going to King Philip he would make sure to bully unvaccinated students extra hard, thus proving the point of the parent protesters.

Those kids are dumb and deserve to get bullied. Not like Alex, who 19 months into a pandemic still believes that children are at risk of dying from COVID. He’s the smart one.

Gretchen Robinson is a retired minister and secular humanist with a boy’s regular haircut, who is sick of “anti-vaxxers” whining.

Meanwhile, she’s whining and crying at the thought of children walking around without a mask on in a school she will never step foot in.

Muriel Reilly doesn’t understand how a small percentage of students who were singled out by administration for being unvaccinated is proof that kids are being singled out.


You’re stupid, she’s smart.

Any questions?

Bryan Keane is a male nurse and political activist who lives in New York City and recently got his booster because the COVID vaccine is like a temporary tattoo that wears off after a little bit.

The vaccine works so well he’s going to keep getting it for the rest of his life, and so must you! Bryan believes these parents in a community he does not live in are selfish for not forcing their 5 year olds to inject something into their body that they don’t want or need.

Instead, he wants them to be discriminated against, and believes that this makes him the good guy here.

I just hope that parents in this district aren’t suckered into the lawsuit thing again. These lawsuits are always thrown out, and the only people who make money off them are attorneys. Another one was just tossed yesterday.

The only way to defeat this is to tell your children to refuse to comply. When they call you to pick them up you must refuse to do so as well. They have a duty to educate your children, and you never agreed to be forced to wear a mask. If dozens of good students start doing this the schools will be powerless. Civil rights leaders didn’t sue to get access to lunch counters, they just sat there and refused to leave if they weren’t served. Your kids have the ability to do the same.

All of these people want to hurt your children, and are OK with a policy that leads to bullying and discrimination. But only one of them is a teacher in the schools. Please feel free to email superintendent Paul Zinni to share your thoughts on Tracey Mazur’s unprofessional behavior: [email protected]


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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